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This Music Video Of An All Girls Trip North Is Pushing Girls To Be More Fearless

This Music Video Of An All Girls Trip North Is Pushing Girls To Be More Fearless


The music video for ‘Dil Chala’ performed by Nirmal Roy aims to revolutionize the very concept of entertainment. In a world dominated by films and songs written about love and attraction between the two sexes, ‘Dil Chala’ sheds all such presuppositions to become a whole new animal.

It is four minutes of idyllic scenery, soft upbeat melodies, and a group of three girls having the time of their lives.

However, it would be a mistake for audiences to think it was an easy project to pursue. According to director Zain Irfan, it was quite an uphill battle:

“The song was initially about a girl singing to a guy but I suggested we instead turn it into a story about nature and friendship. When I teamed up with the producer and we first offered the label an all-girl narrative, it was rejected because of the lack of a male lead and romantic element.”

“Once the project was complete, everyone was quite blown away because there has never been anything like this following an all-girls narrative.”

In today’s society brimming with ideas of feminism and empowerment, this video becomes a powerful addition to the multi-faceted debate. With it, Zain and his team hope to shape opinions and change lives.

What is the underlying purpose of this message?

“Some of the themes are companionship, friendship, freedom, and adventure. But most importantly, it is from a girl’s point of view. The way we showed everything seamlessly, some people may say it could never be like this. But this could also be the dream of many Pakistani girls and we’re trying to tell them they too can achieve it. We want them to work for their independence and freedom. The journey shown in the video is a representation of your own personal journey. She dreams, she achieves.”

It is true that reality is never as smooth or perfect as films depict. Women and young girls face some very real and seemingly insurmountable barriers when it comes to obtaining independence in this country. It may not be possible to simply place the key in the ignition and be on one’s merry way. But figuring out the logistics comes later; perhaps for now it is enough to take the first step and begin to think differently.

So, does the idea truly have revolutionary potential? How much power do film and media have when it comes to communicating this potential?

“Quite a lot of power. You’re being influenced by things without even realizing it. The tech gap has been bridged. Everyone can watch almost anything and everything. So, we thought it was about time to break away from conventions and try to normalize an all-female narrative.”

“Other than that, I think the most beautiful thing about filmmaking is how – as a director – you develop something from scratch. And accordingly, you also establish what is good and right, and what isn’t. People mostly crave a generic type of entertainment through films full of bling and dancing; they don’t particularly want to see thought-provoking material. Why is one classified as entertainment but not the other? We need to start turning the unconventional into the conventional.”

With technology being where it is today, the message will reach thousands if not millions. Stereotypes aren’t broken in a day. But in a tough world shadowed by grim realities, this video is an ideal microcosm of the kind of universe we may want to inhabit in the future – where women have become the best and most liberated versions of themselves.

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