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This Mother Claims Her 15-Year-Old Daughter Was Allegedly Raped By Raza Bughti And There’s Nothing More To The Story

This Mother Claims Her 15-Year-Old Daughter Was Allegedly Raped By Raza Bughti And There’s Nothing More To The Story

Hussain Saeed

Social media has been abuzz with an alleged rape case of a 15 year old girl. The girl’s mother took to social media to appeal to the masses for help, as the police was not listening to her.

Here’s the video below.

Here is all that was said in the video:

Samreen Asif, the mother, accused a man named Raza Bughti of raping her daughter, who is only 15. She urged the police to help her. An FIR was also lodged by Samreen in the Jauhar police station. However, the police released the accused after one night. She goes on to say that the accused, Raza Bughti, is a powerful man and may have links with the higher authorities, while she comes from a less privileged background.

She also accused the police of not properly issuing the FIR and of not conducting a medical examination, which is protocol in rape allegation cases.

The video has since gained traction, especially within Karachi. Popular activists, like Jibran Nasir, took notice of this which helped it go viral. Then rumours started to spread about another FIR being registered thanks to the intervention of Faisal Vawda.

Unfortunately, Pakistani social media showed its ugly side

Soon after the video went viral, “leaked” videos and screenshots of conversations with the mother and the alleged rapist were spread all over social media. We are not going to post the pictures and videos, but if you want to see just go online.

One publication even thought it was a good idea to release a story that paints the mother in an awful light. Here’s a link down below to show you exactly what NOT to do when reporting on issues like rape.

These videos and images have turned social media against the mother, with many villianizing her for her behavior. Many have either accused the mother of making this up, or that the mother has put her daughter in harms way.

What’s going on now?

After a couple of hours of radio silence, Jibran Nasir came
and gave the world an update on the whole situation. Through twitter, the
activist revealed that a medical examination had been performed on the young
girl, and confirms the 15 year old was raped/penetrated.

He also reminded everyone to stop attacking the mother, because of which the daughter may not get justice. In another tweet, he posted a video with Ms. Mirza, a women’s rights activist and social worker, to give a detailed account of everything

It’s a pretty long video, so here is everything that was said in it; Jibran urged people not to be part of the character assassination attempt on the mother, as it shall traumatize the young girl even more.

He confirmed earlier reports of a fresh FIR being registered against Raza Bugti.

He reiterated that the young girl went through a medical examination, which shown signs of penetration. Given she is a young girl who technically cannot give consent; its rape. Jibran goes to call the people who are taking part in character assassination; reminding everyone that you do not have to be the most pious to get justice. Just because someone isn’t as “moral” as you, does not mean they are not to be believed. Ms. Mirza was saddened that society stays silent when a girl is raped, but speak up to judge the character of the mother.

She said that the medical report shows this was not an isolated incident, taking place at least 4-5 times.

Ms. Mirza went on to say that before jumping to conclusions, do not let the young girl suffer because of whatever her mother’s s perceived “crime” is. She urged everyone to stand with the young girl.

She added that is it through these character assassinations that rape cases do not get prosecuted, allowing these perpetrators to remain at large.

 Jibran then added that after the videos and screenshots went viral, the young girl was mocked and villainized by her peers. He went to say that the police showed their incompetence; as it took pressure from social media from them to act properly. As a result, finding DNA might be a little more difficult now.

Jibran also called out a certain famous social media star, without giving names. He said this individual apparently approach Samreen Asif to help settle the problem between her and her rapist.

This individual also misled Samreen into trying to get a medical examination at a private hospital, which is inadmissible in court.

He ended the video by reminding everyone that the mother’s relation with the man does not matter; standing up for child rape survivors is what matters.

Now this is a developing story, and such will have updates as we go along.

However, this case show’s how problematic our response to rape allegations are

An individual’s “moral” character cannot be enough to justify not punishing the rapist. You shouldn’t have to be a “morally right” individual to get justice for you or your loved ones. Our response to a an alleged crime being committed should not be doubt the claim. Or to start to examine their honour to see if they are truthful. The reason for this is that is allows a space for alleged rapists to discredit their victims experience; getting away with the crime as a whole then.

In a country where women are killed for honor, it’s no surprise that the best way to discredit a women is to dishonor her.

And in a place like Pakistan, it isn’t that hard to do.

This all seems a little too familiar

In March, we saw this happen with Asma Aziz, who accused her husband of beating her and shaving her head for refusing to dance for him and his friends. She, like Samreen, sent out a video urging someone to help her as the police was refusing to do anything. After video went viral, another video did too. This time a video of Asma dancing. This caused some to doubt Asma’s initial claims, showing to us how society perceives a women’s character; through her body. After social media pressure, the husband and his friend were arrested and are currently awaiting trial.

Above and beyond it shows that as a society we are unable to respond to allegations of rape in a appropriate manner.

Only time will tell if what happens, as this case is a
developing story. Just remember, it involves a young girl who was raped. This
is a serious issue, and you cannot take it lightly.

One major thing really sticks out in these situations; why does it take a
viral video for the police to take allegations of abuse seriously?