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This is why WHO is pushing countries to shut down educational institutions

This is why WHO is pushing countries to shut down educational institutions


What WHO is saying: The World Health Organization has declared educational institutions as a significant source of coronavirus transmission in the general population. WHO has expressed concern about the government’s failure to decide about school closures in light of the growing Covid-19 incidence in the country.

The WHO representatives told the media that the Covid-19 positivity in the general population would increase as more teachers and students are testing positive. 

What is happening: The health department recorded 1.12 percent positivity in schools on Oct 16 when the random testing began. But it reached two percent on Nov 16. According to the reports, 1,881 Covid-19 cases have registered in schools.  And the number of cases is increasing daily.

Pakistan’s stance: A few suggestions and recommendations were discussed in the education ministers meeting on Monday, chaired by Federal Minister for Education, Shafqat Mahmood. However, no final decision was taken and the government announced that another meeting next week would take place to further deliberate on the issue. 

The PTI leader said that next Monday, a final decision will be reached on the matter of closure of educational institutions.

“So we will gather all the evidence, the facts and compare them with one another,” he said. “And by next week, Insha’Allah, a final decision will be taken.”

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