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This is how PTI mobilized the youth to become politically aware

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This is how PTI mobilized the youth to become politically aware


I only need the youth of Pakistan to bring change, not big names or big politicians,

 said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan during his first maga public demonstration. 

Background: This promise led to the phenomenon of mobilisation by PTI among young voters. Imran’s charisma and populist demand made him more important for the public. The 1992 World Cup indeed played an important role too.

Before the 2011, PTI Lahore rally, youth was consciously eradicated from political discourse during the Zia regime. This mobilization didn’t happen in a vacuum rather PTI curated their Youth Policy to include fresh blood in the political discourse of Pakistan. 

PTI Youth Policy: Back in 2016, PTI revealed it’s youth policy which was indeed a game changer as it consolidated the PTI narrative regarding youth and their representation in politics.

As per the PTI Youth Policy, the party has promised to give 25 percent of its tickets to its young members in the coming elections. PTI will also finance their election campaign,

The policy further revealed the party’s plan to form a youth parliament to train young people for leadership. “A parliamentary committee will take youth’s voice to the National Parliament,” the policy added.

The party also intends to establish National Youth Foundation (NYF) – an autonomous institution solely working for the youth. According to the policy, the NYF will take care of activities related to health, social life, entrepreneurship, art and culture.

For the young people of Pakistan, the anti-corruption narrative introduced by the emerging leadership of the PTI was a real reason to participate in the electoral process. It was an opportunity to reconstruct the political structure of the country by dislodging hereditary politics. There was genuine hope for the beginning of a new political chapter for the youth.

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