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This CG artist’s videos on Instagram are Mesmerising!

This CG artist’s videos on Instagram are Mesmerising!

Saad Ali Rana

French CG artist Rémi Cabarrou, creates the most vivid and stunning imagery that plays with not only colour but also the fluidity of objects. He goes by ‘rogerkillmanjaro’ on social media and his mesmerising one minute videos on Instagram have gained him 163K followers on the platform. Cabarrou’s videos have a clean concept usually with one dominant colour, making the imagery visually pleasing and uncluttered.

The majority of his projects are in sets of threes, which plays to an advantage given Instagram’s grid interface. The videos themselves are oddly satisfying and it’s easy to become so mesmerised by them that you end up watching them on loop. 

While the seamlessness with which Cabarrou creates his animations is calming, the series ‘Will it pop’ tends to be a bit anxiety inducing.

The third video in the series takes it to the next level 

He also has his own take on Led Zepplin’s Stairway to Heaven

We have all seen Interstellar, The Martian and Gravity, but have you seen Kebab in Space?

Don’t miss this waffles’s fall from grace in slow motion

Banksy’s shredded painting prank was an instant hit. Cabarrou’s melting Mona Lisa does not disappoint either.

And here is the jackpot, a compilation of all his recent works on Instagram:

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