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These two Pakistani moms are helping young scared adults navigate parenthood

These two Pakistani moms are helping young scared adults navigate parenthood


Realising just how taxing – but rewarding – parenthood can be, Areeba Tipu Khan and Zara Tirmizi are two mothers who decided to take to Instagram and put their skills to use. The idea is to present scientific, tried and tested methods as well as tips and tricks in order to help uncertain parents make everyday decisions about parenting: decisions that are best for their children both in the short term and long term.

Areeba and Zara both possess extensive knowledge when it comes to parenting and childcare: with specialisations in child psychology and development, child nutrition, and newborn care.

Their story began just before the birth of their first babies, who were born a day apart from each other. They were constantly on the lookout for authentic, scientific sources of information about childcare, and eventually decided to take matters into their own hands. Areeba says: “Both Zara and I have studied Psychology so we started doing our own research and shared it with each other. Basically we created our own little support group and it was helping us so much we thought we should share it with the world to help out all the new parents who have no idea what to do.”

Curious Little Toes is an initiative aimed at imparting the most reliable information to parents, filtered of any myths and old wives tales that may misguide those who don’t know better.

Areeba and Zara also acknowledge that motherhood and parenting in general isn’t always a happy process, and they want women in particular to know it is okay to feel out of sorts: “A lot of women suffer from postpartum depression or baby blues as we call them which makes it [motherhood] even more difficult. Already, it is a full-time commitment and results in a lot of sleepless nights. But it also brings the purest and most unconditional form of love there is.”

With this new project, Areeba and Zara want to reassure struggling parents that it is all right to not do things perfectly as long as you are being there for your children.

“We hope we are able to tell new parents what a great job they are doing. It’s not an easy task and no matter how overwhelmed you are at the moment, it will get better.”

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