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These insta stores have everything you need to start journaling right now

These insta stores have everything you need to start journaling right now


While journaling can seem like a time-consuming or overwhelming hobby, there are quite a few plus sides to it, which the Journey Cloud writes an interesting bit about. Bullet journals, goal planning journals, and devotional journals are only a few of the many kinds to suit your needs.

Here’s a compact list of things you can buy from 5 stores that are active on Instagram to start journaling:

1) The Stationery Mail (@thestationerymail)

The Stationary Mail, run by artist Alishba Aqeel, has a wide range of stationery on her page ranging from planners to TSM Box with over 17 items. Alishba has been running the store since 2019 and has introduced over 15 products within the time span. Her tri-journal includes 50 pages of kraft, black and watercolor sheets each. This gives you more freedom while journaling to experiment with other mediums such as sketching and painting.

Price range: Rs.25 – Rs.1000

2) Rainbowtastic (@Rainbowtastic.pk)

Stickers are a great way to make a bold statement and to let your creative juices flow while journaling. Omaima Sarwar, a full-time student, and the owner of @rainbowtastic.pk has stolen the hearts of over 95+ customers with the cutest eye candies. You can either choose from a bunch of sticker packs available on her page or get the perfect customized pack to fit your journal spread!

Price range: Rs.10 – Rs.50

3) The Poster Shop (@Thepostershop.pk)

A journaling spread containing polaroids can never go wrong. Unless, of course, the print is ridiculously low quality. But you don’t have to worry about that, @thepostershop.pk have their priorities set straight. These custom polaroids of a captured memory incorporated into your journal entry is going to be a humble attempt to document and reflect upon.

Price range: Rs.200 for 4 Polaroids

4) Head Space (@headspace_0)

A melancholic state of mind and university struggles led this journaling enthusiast, Komal Rafiq to start her own little business of journaling kits. Her aim is to help journalers and build a stronger journaling community in Pakistan. Her kits consist of stained papers, stamp cards, retro letter sheets, stickers and a lot more. This aesthetically pleasing vintage-themed journal spread is just the kind of therapy you didn’t know you needed!

Price: Rs.1000

Watch Komal put together a journal spread using her journaling kit here.

5) Mediocre By Mahrukh (@mediocrebymahrukh)

Mahrukh’s quirky and brutally relatable brand constantly strives to be moderately amusing and occasionally morbid Her self-aware stitched notebooks come in both lined and plain variants. These A5-sized, 100 paged notebooks can be helpful for self clarification, problem-solving and can act as a creativity booster. This totally non-mediocre brand has been reviewed and further recommended by many stationery lovers.

Featured image: PCH-Vector

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