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These home grown businesses in Karachi delivering frozen foods are best for Iftari

These home grown businesses in Karachi delivering frozen foods are best for Iftari


Iftar is perhaps the most important part of your day during Ramadan. So it becomes a little disappointing to see the same basic nuggets and rolls at iftar everyday especially since the wait for iftar always feels too long. This time around try some different frozen foods from these home kitchens to make your Iftar more fun and tasty.

Here are 11 cooks in Karachi that sell handmade, delicious and hygienic frozen foods.

1. This mother and daughter duo started the business in October 2020 

Shazz Kitchen (@shazzkitchen45) was started by Shazia so that she could showcase her love for cooking. She started out with only 2 frozen foods on her list but has now added more such as Chicken Koftay and Seekh Kababs. 

They buy, package and sell everything by themselves to make sure everything is hygienic and safe. 

Their items are priced between Rs. 450 to Rs. 1200. 

Order here

source (@shazzkitchen45)

2. Their slogan is “Prepare Fresh, Deliver Fresh, Eat Fresh”

Sial’s Kitchen (@sialskitchen) is all about authentic home made food. All of it is cooked by only one chef to guarantee consistency and taste. They ensure that all their products are fresh and delivered in time. 

They have a huge variety of products like “Chicken Cheese Pockets” and “Potato Garlic Cutlets”. 

Their prices range from Rs. 650 to Rs. 1200 per dozen or kilograms where applicable. 

Place your order here

source (@sialskitchen)

3. Farah started this business after understanding the increasing demand for frozen foods 

Le Repas (@lerepas) on Facebook started cooking after seeing many people do it online. She cooks all of the food at home and sometimes her mother and sister in law also help out in the process of preparation. 

She has products such as “Frozen Mini Pizzas” and “Cheese Cigars”. 

Her prices start at Rs. 350 per dozen. 

Click here to order. 

source (@lerepas)

4. Their slogan is “Delivering the taste you deserve.” 

Khan Samaah (@khansamaaah) is a food delivery service with frozen foods as well as catering options. They even have Iftar boxes available with the best frozen foods. 

They have items such as “Cheese Wontons” and “Daal Samosa”. 

Their items are priced between Rs. 120 to Rs. 700. 

Buy some here now! 

source (@khansamaaah)

5. This business started out as an MBA project 

The idea for The Fry Day on Facebook (@thefrydayy) was modelled to include the entire family. Their dad ran a catering business and mother was a fantastic cook and thus the business was initiated from there. They ensure that their food has the element of “Maa ke hath ka khana”. 

Their frozen foods menu has items like “Chicken Sticks” and “Peri Bites”. 

Their prices range from Rs. 250 to Rs. 400 per dozen! 

Order them here

source (@thefrydayy)

6. They have special Ramadan deals up now

H & A Frozen Foods (@H&AfrozEnfooDs) tries their best to ensure quick delivery and delicious food. They focus on their items being hygienic and thus make them fresh everyday. 

They have items such as “Chicken Cheese Seekh Kabab” and “Zinger Patties”. 

Their prices range from Rs. 160 to Rs. 650 per dozen. 

Click here to order! 

source (@H&AfrozEnfooDs)

7. This business was started 2 years ago but was put on hold until just recently 

FF Homemade Foods (@ffhomemadefoods) is the work of a young mother who cooks delicious food and wants to share it with the world. Their items are all fresh and so are their ingredients. Any leftovers are not packaged to be used another day so that freshness is guaranteed.

Her menu includes items like cheese vegetable rolls and also updates her menu frequently to add new items.

Her items are priced at Rs. 250 and above. 

Click here to visit her page! 

source (@ffhomemadefoods)

8. They have a huge variety of frozen foods 

Zainab’s Homemade Food (@zainab’shomemadefood) has delicious and hygienically prepared frozen foods that are all prepared upon pre-order. They even have Ramadan deals in place for you to order from. 

Her menu has items such as “Mini Frozen Pizzas” and “Macaroni Rolls”. 

Her prices range from Rs. 250 to Rs. 1200. 

Buy here

source (@zainab’shomemadefood)

9. This business started out with preparing meals but now does frozen foods as well 

Bubbles Kitchen (@bubbles.kitchen_) was started by Ms. Arshad. She makes traditional and delicious frozen foods for her customers and has just started her delivery business recently. 

They offer items like “Box Patties” and “Chicken Fajita Samosa”.

Her items are priced Rs. 300 and onwards. 

Order yours here!

source (@bubbles.kitchen_)

10. They have just come out with a variety of new foods for their menu 

Rabia’s Kitchen (@rabiaskitchen) delivers homemade food right to your doorstep. They have over 30 frozen food items on their menu and ensure it is hygienic and freshly made. 

They have items such as “Laccha Paratha” and “Steamed BBQ Rolls”. 

Their prices range from Rs. 150 to Rs. 950. 

Place your order now

source (@rabiaskitchen)

11. They have a small menu with staple and delicious items 

Ain’s Kitchen (@ainskitchen1) ensures that all of their items are cooked with the same love and attention. They have only a numbered amount of items on their menu but confirm freshness and quality. 

They have items such as “Bread Cheese Rolls” and “Beef Shami Kabab”. 

Their prices range from Rs. 250 to Rs. 700. 

Buy them here

source (@ainskitchen1)

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