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These home chefs are bringing the taste of Burma to Karachi through their versions of Khao Suey

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These home chefs are bringing the taste of Burma to Karachi through their versions of Khao Suey


If you spend a day with Karachites and don’t hear them mention Khao Suey once, then they probably aren’t true Karachities. Originated in Burma, Khao Suey has now become a staple Memoni dish. This soupy treat garnished with the most delicious toppings and served with egg noodles is a perfect meal for a night in. But you need to stop deceiving yourself, the dish is too hard to perfect on your own. 

After thousands of failed tries of making them ourselves, we bring to you a list of 7 home kitchens in Karachi that make the best Khao Suey 

1. This home kitchen has more than 60K followers on Facebook 

Having a goal of starting a business one day, Talha Shabir put forward the idea of starting SpicOgetti (@spicogetti_fooddelivery) while having Khao Suey with his family. The core team includes him, head chef Khatija Shabbir and his friend Ahsan Rafiq, all of whom are obsessed with delicious Khao Suey. Coming from a Memon family, they offer Memoni Khao Suey.

SpicOgetti serves spaghetti dipped in seasoned curry with spicy chicken or beef gravy with fried onions, slims, potato chips, lemon and chaat masala. 

Their price has only increased Rs. 50 in 5 years and is now at Rs. 450 for a meal perfect for 1 to 2 person(s). 

Check their website out here!

2. The founder started this business to educate people about Memoni culture 

Afreen believes to have two of the greatest Memoni skills; entrepreneurship and talent for making delicious Khao Suey. Her love for both made her start Desi Shack (@desi.shack). The idea behind her business was to present an underrated dish Memons have been devouring for a long time.

Their Khao Suey is a blend of Burmese and Memoni Khao Suey. 

They have a special secret ‘red sauce’ that makes this dish extra delicious. A package is priced at Rs. 400 which includes their signature red chutney and all other condiments. 

Order yours here!

3. This business has partnered with Careem and HomeChef in the past

Khaosey 2.0 (@khaosey2.0) is an initiative taken by 4 siblings. Their friends and family would praise their Memoni version of authentic Burmese Khao Suey a lot.

This sparked an idea to present this speciality at Karachi Eat Festival for fun. They managed to put up a stall for 3 consecutive years.

After receiving multiple requests from customers they decided to start a home-based kitchen. They’ve two sizes for their Khao Sueys: half serving and full serving. Half serving is priced at Rs. 500. 

You can order on Food Panda or on their website.

4. This home kitchen offers tofu and vegetarian Khao Sueys

Simple Dimple Khao Suey Palace (@simpledimple.pk) is a concept that was inspired by the comfort of cooking on a Sunday afternoon, the warmth of the kitchen in winters and the irresistible smell of spices to a hungry man. The idea behind it is to bring fusion food to Karachiites. 

Their signature Khao-Suey comprises noodles, spicy meat and coconut curry, and is garnished with a variety of condiments ranging from garlic, red chillies, and lemon. 

Other than this, they also offer a wide range of exotic noodle dishes and stir-fries. Their recipes are inspired by the variety of noodles cooked by families in Asia. Simple Dimple has Classic Khao Suey and Thai Khao Suey. The starting price of these is Rs. 600.

Check out their profile here

5. The founder herself has a close connection to Burma

For Farwa, cooking is therapeutic and that’s why she founded Burma Bites (@farwahhalai). Her mother is originally Burmese which explains how she grew up eating authentic Burmese food After losing her mother, she is continuing her legacy by serving delicious Burmese food to the customers.

Along with Khao Suey, Burma Bites offers Burmese Red Curry, Rice Paper Rolls, Burmese Salad, Htamin Lehthoke and Chazan with chicken. 

They offer Khao Suey in beef, chicken and prawns. Their first priority is to use quality and hygienically sourced ingredients. 

Prawn Khao Suey is priced at Rs. 950. 

Check their yummy food out here!

6 The initial idea behind this business was to provide daily meals to the students of Szabist 

Shaireen’s Kitchen (@shaireens_kitchen) started providing daily meals to university students in 2013. They served a lot of dishes but the only thing that always sold out was Khao Suey.

The founder also managed to win the title of ‘Best Khao Sueys’ by the Karachi Kitchen Food Forum. 

They use coconut milk in the gravy just like the Burmese do and condiments include spring onions, coriander, crushed garlic, fried chilli flakes and slims. The price of single-serving with all the condiments and noodles is Rs. 600. 

Order here!

7. They started off as an achaar business but their love for Khao Suey made them expand their menu

Exactly like the username, it’s a delight to go through Memon’s Delight (@memonsdelights). They promise to provide hygienically made food. Their Khao Suey menu includes beef and chicken Khao Suey which start at the price of Rs. 350. 

“Being a Memon, I am a foodie and what’s more great for a foodie than Memon’s Delight?”, reviews a customer. 

Along with Khau Suey you can also order Singaporean Rice and Khatte Alloo from them.

Visit their profile here!

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