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These hand painted khussa’s will make a unique addition to your Eid outfit

These hand painted khussa’s will make a unique addition to your Eid outfit


As beautiful and intricate our local khussa’s are, the designs and colours have become monotonous. Every shop has the same attractive stone and taar work, but there are none that can be customised to one’s own likes and dislikes. Understanding this dilemma, many local businesses have started to customise and deliver hand painted khussa’s right to your doorstep. You can let your creativity run free with these local businesses who ensure quality and refinement in their products. 

Below we have enlisted our favourite online stores that will surely execute your vision for your khussas perfectly.

1. Doodles & Murals

Having created 700+ designs in the last year and a half, Doodles & Murals (@doodlesandmurals) have mastered the art of keeping their customers satisfied. There is no design or vision that they cannot render. The store offers both their own khussas that they customise or customers can get their own shoes painted. They also have some designs already available on their website such as the “Starry Night Hand Painted Khussa” and the “Pawri Ho Rahi Hay Khussa”. Their prices range between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000.

Place your order here!

source (@doodlesandmurals)

2. Khussay Wali

Hailing from Peshawar, Zara Salim is the mastermind behind Khussay Wali (@khussaywali). She started her business during quarantine and as a textile designer, art is like second nature to her. She chose to highlight that by selling these hand painted khussay. She orders them from the finest shops of Lahore and Karachi and then brings your imagination to life by meticulously hand painting them till every detail is perfected. They sell for between Rs. 1300 to Rs. 1600 depending on how you want them customised.

Check out her page.

source (@khussaywali)

3. Khussa Gar

Bright and colourful, these khussa’s from Khussa Gar (@khussa_gar) will become a staple for you this season. Their stunning designs revolve around blossoming flowers and the cutest of animals around. The shoes are made of leather and you can make any customisation request. They also have a huge variety of colours in their khussay. They are priced between the range of Rs. 1200 to Rs. 2000.

Take a look!

source (@khussa_gar)

4. Vintage Walk

What started out as only a discussion between friends came to reality in the form of Vintage Walk (@vintage.walk) during the initial lockdown in 2020. Since then they have been curating the cutest hand painted khussas and delivering them nationwide. They customise leather khussas and their sizes start from a Pakistani 6 and go to an 11. Her prices range from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 1800.

Visit their page here!

source (@vintage.walk)

5. Khussa Lo

Kashmala Batool, the founder of Khussa Lo (@khussa_lo) passionately wanted to ease the harshness of reality and so came up with the idea of these majestic khussas.They believe that what you wear should tell a story about you. With uniqueness as their motto, Khussa Lo ensures that your individuality reflects in the shoes you adorn. Leather khussas perfected with any design of your choosing in the standard size chart from 6 to 11 are available on their page. Her prices start from Rs.1500 and go to Rs. 2400.

To place an order go here!

source (@khussa_lo)

6. FnF.official

Started by a husband and wife duo, FnF.official (@FnF.official8) is a Lahore based business that specialises in hand painted khussas. They, along with their trained workers, customise khussas with small, intricate detailing, and meme worthy jokes. They are extremely passionate about the work that they do and understand what a growing market these customisable khussay are. The sizes range from 36 to 41 and the average price of a pair is Rs. 1200.

Check them out here!

source (@FnF.official8)

7. Rang-e-Shafaq

Inspired by the colours of the horizon, Rang-e-Shafaq (@rangeshafaq) is a local business that was started this year. What began as simply painting her own shoes and some for her friends has now evolved into a service with an aim to mimic the beauty of the skies and incorporate them into your daily wear. Each pair of shoes is painted with love and care, and delivered within 10 days. Her sizes follow the standard chart starting from 6 and ending on 11. The price point for the shoes averages between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000.

Look at the khussas here!

source (@rangeshafaq)

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