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These 9 businesses will revive your passion for journaling

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These 9 businesses will revive your passion for journaling


The past year has provided everyone with a lot of time to self reflect. With the entirety of 2020 being spent under lockdown, people were provided with the opportunity to take a step back from their busy lives and take stock of everything. Sometimes, these deep musings need to penned down and recorded to look back on, later in one’s life. 

It always helps being equipped with the best materials to get your creative juices flowing. Journaling can be an intimate ritual and you must have the most personalized tools to make the most of it.

Here are 11 businesses that will equip you for your journaling journey.

1 This business is making journals out of recycled paper.

Natasha Zubair Stationery (@natashazubairstationary) is the ideal place to find the most ornate hand-painted notebooks, available in plain, dotted, lined and more. Moreover, they use recycled paper to make your journaling a sustainable experience.

A journal costs about Rs. 800.

Click here to order now.

2 This business is bringing reviving an old Japanese tradition.

Lehr (@lehrpk) is a local business, started by young entrepreneurs in Lahore. This business uses Japanese binding techniques to bring to you hand-bound journals. They use recycled materials, which you can own now in a variety of designs.

A journal can typically cost around Rs. 500.

Click here to order now.

3 Spruce up your journaling experience with these accessories.

Journaling can be even more enjoyable with Flamingo Journals’ (@Flamingojournals) washi tapes and stickers. Available in marvellous celestial designs and other variations. You can beautify your journal with a few simple products from their itinerary. 

A shopping trip here can cost an average of Rs. 500.

Click here to explore now.

4 This business specializes in purpose-made journals.

Ivory Bullet journals (@ivorybulletjournals) is a local business that specializes in using sustainable materials, like vegan leather and recycled paper. They make specialized journals for specific creative purposes. They have a line especially for artists, architects and much more.

A vegan leather-bound journal costs Rs. 3,000.

Click here to order now.

5 This artist makes artwork that will transcend everything else in the market.

Manok (@manok996) have their signature celestial journal, with reflective foil detailing. The talented, young artist also has a variety of stickers that she drew herself, which you could use to accentuate your journaling. Her designs can sometimes be trippy but always keeps you interested for more.

A shopping spree at Manok can range between Rs. 250 to 1,000.

Click here to order now.

6 This indie brand will make journaling effortless.

Cozmoz (@Cozmoz.shop) has a variety of accessories like unique sticker designs, washi tapes and bookmarks. The brand will give your journaling experience a feminist flare, with its empowering imagery and text. They also have fun bundles that can help you save some money.

A shopping spree at Cozmoz can cost around Rs. 500 to 1,000.

Click here to order now.

7 This business makes journaling a more intimate experience.

You can now get a journal according to your star sign at Dragonfly prints (@dragonflyprints). Channel your cosmic energies to self reflect on your emotions if you’re a water sign, strategize on your goals if you’re an earth sign or just conjure up some chaos as a fire sign.

A notebook typically costs around Rs. 450.

Click here to find out more.

8 This local business has been producing stellar stationery for a while.

Prisms and Paintbrushes (@Prismsandpaintbrushes) is one of the older businesses that has been operating in Lahore. Their signature designs are instantly recognizable making you feel pretty in pink with their lovely journals and notebooks.

A journal can cost around Rs. 1,000

Click here to order now.

9 This business has quill crack you up while journaling.

GPCS (@gpcreativestudios) is a local brand that has fun designs with witty one-liners that will instantly catch your eye. Journaling doesn’t always have to be a sombre experience. GPCS will lighten up the mood.

A journal typically costs Rs. 450.

Click here to order now.

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