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These 7 local online jewellery brands will help avoid the hassle of bazaars this Eid

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These 7 local online jewellery brands will help avoid the hassle of bazaars this Eid


Ramadan is coming and with it will come an uncontrollable excitement for Eid. Eid is all about executing the perfect day of happiness and joy. The preparation that goes into making the most delicious sheer khorma to the labour that ensures your outfit is glamorous are all feats to be commended. This time sadly things will be a little different. Your friends and family will have to be kept at a distance and Eidi will simply have to be easypaisa-d to the children. That being said, nothing can stop you from completing your Eid look, not even the fact that you can’t shop in bazaars. 

Below have been listed the best local businesses to shop simple and elegant jewellery from. 

1. Their designs are unconventional and stunning 

Jewellery by Dastaan (@jewellerybydastaan) makes the perfect statement pieces to add to your jewellery. Their work is all hand done and works best to add a touch of regality to your outfit. 

They take inspiration from the Mughal era and eastern culture to craft pendants and earrings. 

They are priced between Rs. 6500 to Rs. 12000. 

Check their designs out here!

source (@jewellerybydastaan)
source (@jewellerybydastaan)

2. This business makes jewellery that is real 925 sterling silver, also known as chaandi 

Started by 22 year old Mishal, ONYX (@onyx.jewellery_) started out making only customised pieces but has now launched their own designs as well. They have designs such as “Saturn Dangle Earrings” and “Opal Star Hoops”. 

They also offer a variety of semi-precious stones that you can add to your customised piece. 

Their prices range from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 7000. 

Visit their page here

source (@onyx.jewellery_)
source (@onyx.jewellery_)

3. They specialise in handmade resin jewellery and charms 

Momina Khan launched The Kumaneko (@thekumaneko.pk) so that she could share the fruits of her creativity with the world. She wants her audience to get customised products that are beautiful and light. 

She adds the perfect hit of cuteness in the designs. 

Her prices range from Rs. 450 to Rs. 1200. 

Click here to check them out. 

source (@thekumaneko.pk)
source (@thekumaneko.pk)

4. She uses fresh flowers in her jewellery 

18 year old Fatima Ali was looking for something to channel her creativity into when she found the wonder that is resin jewellery and started her business ‘Stems and Petals’ (@stemsandpetals.pk). She has a wide range of products that she prides herself on. 

Every single piece that she has ever sold is designed and handcrafted by herself. 

She sells a variety of styles and designs that are priced between Rs. 600 to Rs. 1800. 

Place an order here

source (@stemsandpetals.pk)
source (@stemsandpetals.pk)

5. They keep their jewellery trendy and fresh 

Started by two teenage sisters, Chains and Charms (@chainsandcharms.pk) started out with customised handmade jewellery only but eventually added more ready to wear designs as well. They create their pieces with the intention of making them catered to all audiences. 

Their designs include glow in the dark moon pendants as well as cute butterfly anklets. 

Their prices range from Rs. 450 to Rs. 2000. 

Click here to visit their page. 

source (@chainsandcharms.pk)
source (@chainsandcharms.pk)

6. This lifestyle brand was launched by two cousins 

Ming (@mingbykw) focuses on the perfect, simple accessories that have a pop of colour in them. Their designs have beautiful butterfly charms and shimmer pendants. 

They also offer a variety of lip oils and handbags. 

The items are priced between Rs. 500 to Rs. 8000 depending on the designs and the stones used. 

Look at their products here

source (@mingbykw)
source (@mingbykw)

7. Finesse and sustainability are a part of their motto

Midira (@midira.pk) ensures that their jewellery is long lasting both in terms of materials and style. Their jewellery is elegant and not heavy on the eyes. Their pieces can be worn regularly and with a statement outfit as well. 

They put a spin on their designs such as the basic initial necklace was revitalised by adding a touch of Urdu to it. 

Their pieces range between Rs. 950 to Rs. 4800. 

Find them here!

source (@midira.pk)
source (@midira.pk)

All products are selected by the editors. 

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