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These 7 businesses make insta worthy serving plates your dinner table needs

These 7 businesses make insta worthy serving plates your dinner table needs


How many times have you stopped your friends from eating because you didn’t capture an Instagram worthy picture of your meal? You clear the table of any tissues, wipe the sides of your plate and adjust the angle; it is just so annoying when all of this effort goes to waste. Although the food itself is essential, the right kind of plate is also equally important for a picture that perfectly fits your Instagram profile aesthetic. 

Here’s a list of places from where you can buy Instagram worthy plates:

1.  This brand is Pakistan’s leading ceramics manufacturer 

Clay Works (@clayworkspakistan) creates beautiful ceramics. They stock a range of tableware including plates, cups and bowls. 

Serve traditional Italian spaghetti bolognese in their Wah Wah Lazeez Plate for a nicely contrasted picture.

The prices of Clay Works plates start from Rs. 900

Order here!

2. This business is a go-to place for home accessories 

If you regularly post pictures of flowers on your story then a plate from Cheezain etc. (@cheezainetc) will fit right in. Customers can choose from several designs and types of plates. 

Their Peony Striped Quarter Plate is perfect to serve cheesecake in.  

Cheezain etc sells plates for Rs. 380 and above.

Visit their website here!

3. This brand handmakes blue pottery and woodcrafts

Arraish (@arraish.official) is an online store that sells traditional style dinnerware that dates back a 1000 years. 

Plate mozzarella and tomato with balsamic vinegar in their Blue Felicity Quarter Plate for a feast for the eyes. 

Customers can get plates on sale for as low as Rs. 764. 

Get advantage of the sale here!

4 This business stocks everything truck art

Gul Khan Truck Art (@gulkhantruckart) promotes world famous Pakistani truck art. Their product portfolio includes beautifully painted thaals, trays, plates, cups and much more. 

For a perfect picture, serve gol gappas in one of their colourful thaals.  

Each thaal costs Rs. 2,275.

Check them out here!

5. This social enterprise aims to showcase Pakistan’s rich art culture to the world 

Pakistani Crafts (@pakistanicrafts) has an array of wooden kitchenware including plates. These minimalistic plates are perfect to make a statement.

Present Arabian shawarmas cut in half for a picturesque plating 

Single wooden plate by Pakistani Crafts costs Rs. 935.

Check them out here!

6. This brand deals with Persian heritage art 

Maeraas (@maeraas) offers Persian Kashani pattern ceramics along with the modern style. Customers can get both serving and decorative plates from them. 

Serve freshly made tikkas with chutney in one of their tribal art plates and share with your insta fam. 

Prices of plates start from Rs. 550 and go up depending on the size.

Visit their profile here!

7. This online store is a one-stop-shop for Sindhi handcrafted products

Sindh Crafts (@sindhhandicrafts1) procures products from Sindhi artisans. They stock beautifully woven plates with a metal base. 

These plates are ideal to serve hot naan and rotis in.

The starting price for these plates is Rs. 999.

Order here!

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