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These 7 businesses in Lahore are helping celebrate Eid in lockdown by making homemade desi sweets

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These 7 businesses in Lahore are helping celebrate Eid in lockdown by making homemade desi sweets


What’s Meethi Eid without lots of sweets? The process of making the perfect sweets by hand with your family and then having it is a traditional way of celebrating this festival. With the third wave still going on, this eid is all about protecting your loved ones but that does not mean you can’t enjoy a bowl of your favourite sheer. 

These businesses in Lahore are delivering homemade authentic Desi Eid Sweets to you to celebrate Eid in lockdown: 

1. This business wishes to incorporate more spanish-desi fusion dishes in the future

The founder of La Comida (@lacomidalahore) had to flee from Spain due to covid last year. On coming back home, she reunited with her passion of cooking desi food. 

For Eid, they are offering to deliver sweets such as fried Mithayan, Chawal ki Kheer, Sheer Khorma, Zarda and Suji ka Halwa

Their starting price is  Rs. 150

Visit them here!

2. This business has a range of ‘LockEid Delights’ 

Hot Oven (@hotovenby_alisha) is making Eid Boxes that are perfect to send to your loved ones as eid gifts. These Meetha Boxes can be customised to your choice of sweets, Eid card, handwritten notes, flowers and chocolates. 

Their options for desi sweets include Sheer Khorma, Zarda ki Sawaiyan, Rangeen Sawaiyan, Makhandi Halwa, and Kheer. 

All of these start from Rs. 200.

Visit them here!

3. This business was started in 2018 by a mother-daughter duo with a passion for traditional dishes

This Eid Zaiqedar (@zaiqedar) has introduced Meethi Eid Box. Each box contains Khoya Kheer, Ghulab Jamun and Shahi Zardah. These boxes come for Rs. 2,500 and serve 6 to 7 people.

All these items can be ordered separately as well. 

Order here!

4. This business is now taking pre-orders for the 1st and 2nd day of Eid

Rasoi Swaad Ghar Ka (@rasoibyz) is single-handedly run by a lady who loves to cook.

Their Khoya Kheer is made of 100% pure khoya and rice.

Customers can get it in single katoris for Rs. 150 or in full serving tray for Rs. 1,500. 

Check them out here!

5. This business brings back the foods your Daadi used to make

Daadi Foods (@daadifoods) home makes each and every item with quality desi ingredients. Their desi sweet menu for eid includes Baisan ki Mithai, Laddo, Sooji ki Mithai, Maisoo, Kheer, Firni and much more. 

The price of the mithai per kg starts from Rs. 1,200. 

Order here!  

6. This business is promising to deliver all Eid sweets on Chand Raat 

Flavors By Numz (@flavorsbynumz) is offering a variety of desi and non-desi desserts for eid. Their desi menu includes Naan-Khatai which are perfect for evening tea and Ghulab Jamuns. 

Flavors by Numz is now taking pre-orders and will be delivering a day before eid.

Visit their profile here

7. This business is a home-based kitchen which deals in all kinds of desi foods

Al Zahra Homemade Foods (@alzahrahomemade) has been in action since late 2020. 

Their desi sweet menu includes Ghulab Jamun, Rice Laddu and Gur aur Till Ke Laddu. Customers can get a kg of Ghulab Jamuns for Rs 950. 

Any order has to be pre-booked.

Check them out here

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