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7 local stores selling truck art inspired things from mugs to suitcases

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7 local stores selling truck art inspired things from mugs to suitcases


Far too often Pakistani culture and art is drowned out behind the simplicity of western ideals. Everyone has witnessed the colours and the lovely designs that bring life to our roads. Why is it that this art form is not a bigger part of Pakistani lives? It is time to bring the beauty of the streets of Pakistan and welcome it into your homes. 

Forget abstract and accept vivacity with truck art from this list of local businesses that has been curated for you.

1. Maaz and Qurutulain focus on bringing vibrancy to their customers lives 

Environmentally sound, vegan and eco-friendly, Urban Truck Art (@urbantruckart) started by a husband and wife duo focuses on bringing the beauty of Pakistani craftsmanship to their customers’ homes. They aim to make the designs as customisable as possible. 

They offer products as small as coasters to as big as suitcases.

 Their prices range from Rs. 349 to Rs. 13,000. 

Check them out here!

source (@urbantruckart)
source (@urbantruckart)

2. Shazia Nadeem breathes life into forgotten cultural masterpieces with her truck art 

Dastaan Art (@dastaan_art) ensures that their products tell their own tales, hence the name. They curate every product with love and attention. 

Their truck art takes inspiration from the Mughal era.

They offer products such as keychains, kettles, and big trunks. Their prices range from Rs. 400 to Rs. 40,000.

Shop their products here!

source (@dastaan_art)
source (@dastaan_art)

3. They commend themselves on their focus on fine detailing

Having done her thesis on traditional Pakistani crafts, Saima Murtaza started enigmascreation (@enigmascreation) in 2011. 

She crafts easy to carry souvenirs with beautiful truck art so that the art form is readily available. 

They offer products such as nameplates, tissue boxes, and even a bag collection. The prices range from Rs. 350 to Rs. 20,000. 

Look at their products here

source (@enigmascreation)
source (@enigmascreation)

4. They ensure their work promotes the colourful Pakistani culture

Having started with only painting trays and kettles, Gul Khan Truck Art (@gulkhantruckart) now has many more products that include tables and floor seaters.

They have adapted truck art in a contemporary style. 

Their prices range from Rs. 225 to Rs. 15,000.

See their designs here!

source (@gulkhantruckart)
source (@gulkhantruckart)

5. Unaiza Sabir unites the diverse cultures of Pakistan through her truck art 

Started in 2014 as part of a charity exhibition, Starshine Truck Art Gallery (@starshine_truckart_gallery) focuses on creating souvenirs that are readily available. They incorporate truck art into mediums such as ceramic tea seats to make them easily accessible. 

Their prices average between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 5000. 

Check out their products here!

source (@starshine_truckart_gallery)
source (@starshine_truckart_gallery)

6. Truck art runs in their blood and gives birth to beautiful products 

Best Art and Craft (@bestartandcraftpk) is a family business that has been creating truck art products for around twenty years. 

Their smallest products are souvenir rickshaws and largest are their tables and trunks. 

The products are priced between Rs. 550 to Rs. 20,000. 

Look at their work here

source (@bestartandcraftpk)
source (@bestartandcraftpk)

7. They believe that truck art has admirers worldwide

Durre Samin, the artist behind Rangdey Truck Art (@rangdeytruckart) has always been inspired by the vibrancy and origination of truck art. She creates products that help her customers admire truck art from up close.

Due to the current COVID situation they have limited their collection to smaller pieces such as coasters.

Their prices are marked Rs. 300 and above. 

Visit her page here

source (@rangdeytruckart)
source (@rangdeytruckart)

All products are selected by the editors.

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