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These 5 under eye serums will fix your dark circles, puffiness and more

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These 5 under eye serums will fix your dark circles, puffiness and more


Sleepless in Seattle? More like sleepless in lockdown. If one thing has stayed constant during this past year it’s a terrible sleep schedule. And with it came dark circles, redness, puffiness and overall sunken and tired eyes. No matter how many home remedies you try these issues just do not have a solution, and with Ramazan coming these problems are about to get worse. Hope still carries you forward though.

To ensure that you no longer look like a zombie when you wake up, a list of the most revitalising under eye serums and creams has been created for you. 

1. Infused with real gold, this serum is perfect for insomniacs 

One bottle of this Coffee Under Eye Serum from Organic Traveller (@organic_traveller) takes 15 days to make. It is the perfect blend of essential oils, arabic coffee beans ,and antioxidants to ensure that it proves beneficial for your skin.

Not only does it reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles, it also hydrates and fights signs of aging.

It has a roll on ball which makes it easy to apply. One bottle is priced at Rs. 1750.

Click here to shop!

source (@organic_traveller)
source (@organic_traveller)

2. This is a targeted eye treatment that requires only a few drops per use

A bottle of the Elixir Vitae Eye Treatment by (@skindeepinternational) is 0.51 ounces. It is a concentrated serum. Apply only a few drops of the serum to your under eyes at night and then in the morning rinse the area with warm water. 

It helps lighten the appearance of dark circles, crow’s feet and fine lines.

The component is retailing for Rs. 999.

View the product here!

source (@skindeepinternational)

3. It is a 100% percent organic and infused with useful vitamins

The Under Eye Serum by Organicura Essentials (@organicura.essentials) is 1.01 ounces. It is made of entirely natural products including almond oil, jojoba oil and lavender oil. It also has Vitamin E oil that not only strengthens your under eye but also boosts your immunity.

This serum works against dark circles, wrinkles, and under eye dryness. 

It sells for Rs. 850.

Place an order here!

source (@organicura.essentials)

4. This product is clinically effective and curated under the scrutiny of dermatologists. 

Eyeloxyl Intensive Eye Treatment by Safrin Skincare (@safrinskincare) is all natural and safe and has 15 grams of product. It has products like haloxyl (absorbs and eliminates pigments) and sodium hyaluronate (adds moisture to the skin).

It reduces dark circles, extreme puffiness, and smooths out wrinkles.

It is priced at Rs. 1190

Shop here!

source (@safrinskincare)

5. This product has been specially created for men

The Lift It Up Under Eye Serum by Femilush (@femilushmen) has 12ml of product and has a roll on component making it easy to apply. Men’s skin is thicker and more oilier so this product is intensified to ensure that it shows results.

The serum reduces the darkness underneath the eyes and hydrates the skin without making it oilier.

It retails for Rs. 1000. 

Shop it here

source (@femilushmen)

All products are selected by the editors.

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