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These 5 fitness trainers are offering online programs, to keep you in shape

These 5 fitness trainers are offering online programs, to keep you in shape


A healthy lifestyle, with a well-rounded diet and plenty of exercise, is hard to maintain, during a global pandemic. With limited access to the outdoors and gyms shutting down, safe exercise options are quickly dwindling. But fitness trainers across Pakistan are quickly adapting to the uncertainty and have diversified the medium of their fitness training. As we saw with distance learning, online fitness coaching will help you lead a healthy life with plenty of exercises.

Here are 7 trainers, offering online fitness programs.

1. This trainer offers programs, exclusively for women.

The Strength Project (@thestrengthprojectpk) by Dosti is a certified trainer for nine years with 20 training certifications and seminars including CrossFit L1, Bootcamp and Bodyweight Training, amongst others. Dosti went online exclusively in March 2020 at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, in Pakistan and has been hosting classes for her female-only clientele.

The idea was to keep fitness accessible and available no matter the circumstances. She offers programs like;  strength training groups, personal training, and prenatal yoga online. 

Her classes are usually 3 times a week and can cost anywhere from 6k-30k per month depending on the service you subscribe to. She also posts a ton of free home workouts on her page.

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2. This trainer will help you achieve your summer body in no time.

Ali Jan Khan (@ajk_world) is a fitness trainer who specializes in weight loss and muscle gain. Pakistani Champion of the 2021 Men’s Physique Competition, he aims to help his clients to achieve their fitness goals. Ali is in the process of being certified as a level 2 fitness trainer, from Australia. He offers a range of programs from just meeting your personal body goals to preparing for competitions.

His programs range from Rs. 8,000 to 15,000 per month.

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3. This model turned fitness trainer is just the man you need.

Shakir Wazir fitness has 4 years of experience in training under his belt. This includes boot camps and online training which has gotten popular after the lockdown. Self-described as a fitness enthusiast, Shakir tailors his programs according to the needs of his clients. He also offers group training sessions online but has mostly been engaged in one to one muscle training. Shakir has most recently been certified by ACE (American Council on exercise), IFT and XFORCE Advance exercise programming.

His training programs can tentatively cost around Rs. 15,000 per month (but the number is subject to change according to the needs of the client)

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4. You might recognize this trainer.

Ammad Mir (@ammadmir) is not only a fitness trainer, but he also hosts his own show on Facebook and Youtube called Discover Pakistan. But as the Pandemic rolled around he was quick to offer online sessions for all of his customers to keep on track with their fitness goals. An NSA Certified fitness instructor he helps his trainees with building muscle and strength.

Ammad tailors his online courses to each individual’s needs, so DM him on Instagram to find out his rates.

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5. Co-founder of Virtualetics for your fitness needs during a pandemic.

Mustafa Ali Jamshed (@mjamshed) has many fitness ventures under his belt. A fitness coach for weight training, he offers a lot of resources free of cost on his Instagram page. Mustafa also frequently posts about mistakes or “fails”, as he likes to call it, for a wholesome depiction of a typical fitness journey. He even offers a 1 week free trial at Virtualetics (@virtualetics).

Mustafa will customize a training package for each individual.

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