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These 15 things are perfect for someone who is addicted to K-Pop

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These 15 things are perfect for someone who is addicted to K-Pop


K-Pop has taken the world by storm and Pakistan has, very well, been swept into the eye of it. However, the biggest disadvantage of being a K-Pop fan is that authentic and original merch is too expensive to buy and customised merch doesn’t always hit the mark. To solve this dilemma, a list of the best items found locally for K-Pop fans has been curated for you. 

Here are 15 products perfect to fuel the fire of your K-Pop obsession.

1. If you’re also a fan of the vintage aesthetic this mixtape will be perfect for you

Mixthetics (@mixthetics) is making customisable mixtapes from your favourite Spotify playlists. They look like old cassettes that will be the cutest addition to your merch collection. 

The cover of the cassette is completely customisable so you can have your favourite K-Pop group on it as well! 

One is priced at an average of Rs. 650. . 

Get yours here

source (@mixthetics)

2. Get a collection of your favourite songs’ lyric cards 

Penguin Pal (@penguinpal.store) is creating the cutest, original lyric cards for everyone who loves to memorise the songs and sing along. They’re not basic lyric cards either, because each one is designed to be aesthetically appealing and specific to your favourite K-Pop group. 

They can come in a pack of 5 or you can just buy your favourite ones. 

One is priced at Rs. 125. 

Shop yours here

source (@penguinpal.store)

3. There’s no better way than wearing these face masks to let everyone know you’re a K-Pop fan 

Hallyuyeah (@hallyuyeahpakistan) is selling face masks that are pleasing to the eyes and match with your favourite group and singers. They are all made on a black background, making it easy to pair with any outfit. 

They have masks that can be specific to a group or to just their songs. 

One is priced around Rs. 400. 

Get yours here

source (@hallyuyeahpakistan)

4. Write down all your fan fiction in a K-Pop inspired notebook 

Custom Paperwares (@custompaperwares) sells notebooks, notepads, diaries, journals and more. All of their products are fully customisable, with the cover that you want, which makes it perfect for your K-Pop group to be the cover page. 

You can even customise the number of pages and the size of the pages to your liking. 

One is priced around Rs. 150. 

Order yours here!

source (@custompaperwares)

5. These rings are perfect for all BTS fans 

K-Pop Karachi (@kpop_karachishop) sells these silver coloured rings that have your favourite BTS member’s name on them. Each one is made with care and is a perfectly delicate addition to your BTS merch collection. 

You can buy them all as a set, or just the one with your favourite member.  

One is priced at Rs. 350. 

Shop here

source (@kpop_karachishop)

6. Bookmarks to add a little touch of K-Pop into studying too 

These 8 by 2.2 inches bookmarks from YB’s K-Pop World (@ybskpopworld) are perfect to place in all your books, which will give you the motivation to actually open them. They are available to be customised for any band or idol. 

They are sold separately or as packs of 5 or 10.

One is retailing for Rs. 50. 

Place an order for yours here

source (@ybskpopworld)

7. Phone covers, so everyone can recognise your favourite K-Pop band

K-Pop Pakistan Shop (@kpoppakistanshop) has phone accessories that are cute and perfectly designed to match the aesthetic of your favourite band. Currently, they have phone covers for BLACKPINK, BT21, and EXO. 

Besides phone covers, they also have pop-sockets available. 

Each phone cover is priced at an average of Rs. 1000. 

Shop yours here

source (@kpoppakistanshop)

8. These backpacks are super cute and fun to add to your merch collection 

K-Poppin’ (@custom_galaxy.pk) is selling BTS bags in the colours black, purple, and green. They have enough capacity to hold all your books and will make you happy every time you wear them. 

They are also made from a parachute-style material so that nothing will ruin it. 

One is priced at Rs. 1200. 

Buy yours here

source (@custom_galaxy.pk)

9. These sticker sets are customisable and perfect for any surface 

Sticker Army (@_stickerarmy) is a small business run by a medical student. They sell customisable sticker sets that can be added to any surface to make it look better. They have already made many sticker sets that are available on their page and can also customise some specifically for you. 

You can change the size, amount, and design of each sticker in your set. 

One sticker is priced at just Rs. 20. 

Get your sets here

source (@_stickerarmy)

10. If you’re shopping for someone who is obsessed with K-Pop these polaroid cards are perfect for you 

ArtShop by Hania (@artshopbyhania) sells polaroid cards that can be customised to have your favourite K-Pop group or idol on them. You can get them in different sizes and designs, so you have a variety to choose from.

She makes polaroid sets and polaroid frames as well. 

One is priced at around Rs. 60. 

Order some here

source (@artshopbyhania)

11. If you think your decor doesn’t speak of your love for K-Pop this wall decor is for you 

These BTS wall posters from the Official K-Pop Store (@officialkpopstorepk) make the perfect addition for any room. Their sizes are around 42×30 cm and you can get multiple to make a collage for your wall. 

They come in sets of 12, with a packet of jumbo stickers for your wall as well. 

One set is selling for Rs. 2650.

Shop for yours here

source (@officialkpopstorepk)

12. A tote bag; perfect for you, all your stuff, and your obsession with K-Pop 

CHIMAERA (@chimaerastore) is the first fandom shop with a physical presence in Islamabad. They sell BTS tote bags that will help you go plastic free. 

They have multiple designs to choose your BTS tote bag from. 

Each one is priced at Rs. 1200. 

Place your order here

source (chimaerastore.com)

13. This water bottle will be your next favourite thing.

K-Pop Otaku Shop (@pakistankpopanime) has these cute water bottles with your favourite idol printed on top of them. Currently they have BTS themed ones available such as their “Jungkook Water Bottle” and their “V Water Bottle”. 

These water bottles are all white with black caps and have your favourite idol printed on top of them. 

One is priced at Rs. 1400. 

Get yours here!

source (@pakistankpopanime)

14. Get a customisable mug for your K-Pop loving self here. 

TAEPIINKK (@taepiinkk) sells cute mugs that have designs with the best K-Pop groups and quotes on them. 

You can buy ones with your favourite lyric, idol, group and more printed on these mugs!

One mug is priced at Rs. 1250.

Get yours here

source (@taepiinkk)

15. These LED lamps will be a different addition to your merch collection 

These customised BTS LED Lamps from K-Pop Shopify, Pakistan (@kpop_shop_ap_karachi) are cute and fun without becoming too similar to your other merch. You can use them as a nightlight, or just to stare at and dream about your favourite member. 

Each one can be customised but the ones they have available currently are for all members of BTS. 

They are all priced differently due to the differing designs and sizes. 

Place your order here

source (@kpop_shop_ap_karachi)

All products are selected by the editors. 

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