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The woman in white

The woman in white


Continuing the trend of Jinn encounters, we found another bone-chilling Jinn story for you.

19-year-old writer Huzaifa Nizam shared his experience with lucid dreaming and the ‘woman in white’ on Twitter

‘ The weirdest possession of mine is a picture of a woman who used to haunt me in my dreams when I was in the 1st grade. I managed to click a picture of her when I was in the 10th grade. For some reason, I’ve always wanted to tell this to the world. ‘ It is a very long story, a very bone-chilling one too. But the fact that I managed to catch a picture of her, is something I still can’t wrap my head around.

Huzaifa’s story begins

I have been able to lucid dream for as far as I can remember. Around the 1st grade, I used to get a recurring dream about a woman. All dressed in white, her face was white too and she lacked eyes. She’s the reason I still sleep with all lights on. Those dreams existed for quite a long time, a few years in fact. But then they abruptly ended. My fear of that woman didn’t and it gave me permanent fear of the dark. For some reason, I never forgot her face. It was the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen.

Konya, Turkey

Fast forward around 10 years later I’m on a family trip to Turkey. I was in Konya, where Rumi lived. For some reason from day one, I had very off vibes with the place. I couldn’t shake off this perpetual sadness around me. I thought maybe it was due to some other personal problems. Now since Konya is quite a tourist spot, I took a lot of pictures. And I started noticing that there was some weird kind of a thing behind me. It resembled a skull. Somewhat near to what a face looked like but not entirely. I proposed that since it was Halloween time that it most probably was some Snapchat filter (all my photos were on Snapchat). So I brushed it off even though I got very eery vibes from it. I spent 2 more days in Konya and it appeared in almost every single selfie of mine. A small white skull. Fast forward to the lady night

I’m no stranger to the supernatural

I’m in my room and my brother told me that he’s been witnessing something weird in his photos, there’s a skull behind him. I checked the photos and it was the exact same skull. Now I’m no stranger to the supernatural, I’ve quite a few stories of them but this was off He took one in front of me, and sure enough, the skull was behind him. I assured him that it was a Snapchat filter and that he should stop taking pictures because I was generally worried now. But he didn’t, he took another photo and this one scared me to the core.

It was evil as man’s imagination can comprehend

This picture did not have a skull, it had a face. It looked like the picture of a person who’s moving too fast, somewhat blurred, but I could see her face and her smile. The most malevolent smile I’ve ever seen. It was evil as man’s imagination can comprehend. Sheer sinister. It was her. It was the woman from my nightmares. Clad in complete white, she had her arms outstretched and she did not have eyes. Many small details which time had saved me from, came rushing in. How her eyes seemed like they were bleeding. How her face had no expressions

Everything about her was silver except her eyes, two sockets of complete abyss

She was standing behind my brother’s head (he took it laying down in bed), she was looking straight into the camera. Everything about her was silver except her eyes, two sockets of complete abyss. I don’t have many words to describe how I felt. Except that it was horrible. My brother too was at this point terrified, and he put down his phone. I assured him that it was the filter, knowing very well who it was and what she had done to me.

Something from the other side of the room ran at me

It was difficult for me to sleep that night but I did. When I woke up for Fajr it was almost impossible for me to stand in front of a large mirror and make ablution, but I did. I was shaking with fear so I thought I’d just pray 2 Farz. By the time I reached the last portion of Durood, something from the other side of the room ran at me and I flinched from my position. I finished prayers and ran back to bed, going to sleep.

The next day we departed for Istanbul. I didn’t see her in any other photo, no skull, no face, no woman. By this time I was trying to convince myself that this was a filter and that everything was normal.

I’ve still not found any such filter

3 years later, I’ve still not found any such filter. No news of it too. And how could there be? Whatever it was, it remembers a little child that used to run from her years ago and decided to pay him a visit. Maybe she knows I’m writing this right here.

God knows what she wanted from me or why she decided to abruptly appear again, all I know is the woman who made me fear the dark still exists, and so does a picture of her, deep in a hidden folder in my laptop. For those of you wondering why I never contacted anyone about it, it’s because I’m no stranger to these things. From when I was younger, I’ve been seeing things that I shouldn’t be seeing. I’ve seen children walk on my ceiling, I’ve seen other things in my home.

And for those of you demanding the picture, you need to understand that it took me 3 years to be able to close at least the lights near my closet when I go to sleep. I can’t see her face again and risk my mental well being for a Twitter thread.

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