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WHO: Pakistan does not meet requirements to lift lockdown‌

WHO: Pakistan does not meet requirements to lift lockdown‌


In a letter addressed to Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid, the WHO said that Pakistan does not meet any of the prerequisites for easing the restrictions initially imposed to contain the coronavirus, and should instead consider an “intermittent lockdown”. 

What are the WHO prerequisites? 

The World Health Organization has placed several prerequisites that ought to be met before a country eases restrictions. These include controlling disease transmission, minimizing hot spot risks in vulnerable places, preventive measures to be set up in essential places, and education, engagement and empowerment of communities to live under a new system of “normal”. The organization said that they do not believe Pakistan to have met any of these. 

What does the WHO recommend? 

The World Health Organization recommended that Pakistan should either tighten or loosen public health measures, work to increase testing capacity beyond 50,000 a day, and enforce an “intermittent lock-down” involving a “two weeks on, two weeks off strategy” to bring about the smallest infection curve. 

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