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The ultimate 7 step bedtime skincare routine.

The ultimate 7 step bedtime skincare routine.


How you start off your day can really depend on how you ended your last. The best time to indulge yourself in some self-care is right before you go to bed. This not only helps you unwind for a sound night of sleep but will also rejuvenate your skin, making you feel refreshed and active to take charge of your day.

Here is a 7 step skincare routine that will change your life.

1. Take a relaxing bath before bed

This step is biased for people with a bathtub. If you’re one of the fortunate ones, don’t pass up the opportunity to take a nice relaxing bath with Lush Organix’s (@lushorganix) hand made and organic “bath bombs”

You can buy these delightful bath bombs in packs of 3 for a discounted price of Rs. 1,450.

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2. Your first round of cleansing.

Accufix Cosmetics (@accufixcosmetics) has exactly what your skin needs. Their approach to skincare is to avoid adding any extra fragrances or ingredients to protect your skin. This also helps you control what exactly you put on your skin. Their “butter but better cleansing balm” will start you off on your cleansing journey.

The “butter but better cleansing balm” retails for Rs. 1,195.

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3. Scrub away your problems.

Any god fearing person knows that you need to double cleanse before you sleep. Poppy skin (@poppyskin) has got your back with their “sugar spice and everything nice” coffee grounds scrub. The key is to gently scrub your face and remove all your dead skin cells and reveal a refreshed canvas for the rest of your skincare routine.

This cruelty-free and locally sourced scrub retails for Rs. 1,299.

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4. Toning is elementary.

Primary skin (@primaryskin) may only have a limited range of products but their “glow toner” is by far the best on the local market. Made from fresh botanical extracts, this toner is perfect for moisturising your skin and repairing any damage.

The glow toner is priced at Rs. 1,400.

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5. This sheet mask will veil all your skin problems

Gulluna (@gullunapk) is devoted to providing you with the best skincare experience. Although they specialize in handmade soaps, their sheet masks will help even out any pigmentation on your skin and nourish your face for a fresh and healthy glow.

A sheet mask costs about Rs. 300.

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6. Once again coffee saves the day.

For all the people struggling with dark circles under their eyes. This product is a life-saver. Organic traveller (@organic_traveller) brings to you the “under eye coffee serum”. This will help reduce under-eye bags and puffiness in the morning, in addition to combatting under eye dark circles.

The under-eye serum is a steal at Rs. 1,750.

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7. Last but not least, moisturize…again.

You can never moisturize your skin too much before you sleep. BBA by Suleman (@beautifybyamna_) has the perfect “aloe vera night cream” to finish up your bedtime routine. This is a miracle worker that will hydrate your skin to last through the night. 

The night cream costs around Rs. 1,500.

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