“The truth will be out infront of everyone very soon”,says Salar Shamas

“The truth will be out infront of everyone very soon”,says Salar Shamas

July 27, 2021 0

Fatima Ahmed from Propergaanda’s team approached Salar Shamas, the singer who has been accused by an anonymous page for allegedly harassing and assaulting women. Fatima had a few questions for him regarding the allegations.

(F) state the questions asked by Fatima Ahmed, (S) state the answers given by Salar Shamas

(F) Did you personally know any girl that made those allegations against you?

(S) No, not at all. Infact, I don’t know of any 16 year old girl at all.

(F) The account that posted these allegations – Wall of Shame. Did they directly approach you before posting?

(S) Wall of Shame did not contact me or verify if the chats are real before making these allegations. They’re chasing clout, yesterday they had about 2-3k followers, today they have over 10k.

(F) What do you have to say regarding the screenshots that the account ‘Wall of Shame’ posted?

(S) They are fake. I will be posting a full analysis of how and why they’re fake on my insta and twitter.

(F) Regarding the live video, what do you have to say about the words that were used?

(S) How would you feel if you were accused of being a rapist by your acquaintances, friends, and people you don’t even know. It was all natural, I do apologise for my language but sincerely, everyone here is looking for a reason to disrespect another, im traumatised. I established Shamas-Kaari with passion alone, I supported artists that wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for Shamas-Kaari. They didn’t care to verify anything, straight started pointing fingers at me, even those who had been working with me for years. They stayed over at my place, spent so much time with me as long as they were benefiting from it, as soon as they found out they could get bad repute, most of them, literally posted against me. I’m ashamed to even call them my friends.

(F) Screenshots of your brother using abusive language towards a girl on your live have also started circulating. What’s your take on that?

(S) I apologise for his language, that’s all I can say. My brother was only standing up for me when over 500 people were cussing at me and disrespecting me and my family.

(F) Will your team be approaching any authorities regarding the allegations that have been levelled against you?

(S) I already have. I know things will never be the same with me after all the commotion regarding the Noor case, and that’s exactly why this was done at this time. Whoever did this, played their cards well, but i’m sure there’s no girl. There is no victim, no rape and no harassment.

(F) Are you planning to put out a public statement?

(S) I will be, IA very soon and I have a message for all those threatening me and my family. All those sending hate messages and all those who left me in the hardest of times, you know who you are. ‘You better clear my name with the same energy you were raising these allegations’. It’s all a lie, my brother was here at home and we were with a couple of our friends, who will be more than happy to testify. IA the truth will be infront of everyone very soon.

The answers given by the singer, Salar Shamas, are completely his own and do not reflect the views and opinions of Propergaanda.

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Tasmia Masaud
Tasmia Masaud
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