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The pandemic’s silent victim: the influencer industry

The pandemic’s silent victim: the influencer industry


Influencers have taken a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With deals drying up and sponsorships for posts being delayed, influencers are dreading the financial toll the virus will take on their careers. The glamorous lifestyle that influencers once enjoyed is now coming to a halt.

Influencers take a backseat

Due to lockdown measures, paid trips and photoshoots have all come to a complete stand-still. According to research firm eMarketer, about one third of influencers were seeing fewer collaborations since the pandemic hit.

Since the virus broke out, businesses everywhere have been impacted severely and there is no longer a free flow of cash. As a result, budgets have been considerably slashed leaving less room for advertising and sponsorships.

As unemployment grows and people continue to limit their expenditure, industries like fashion, beauty, and luxury are going to suffer the most.

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