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The Moto Razr Is Back After 15 Years

The Moto Razr Is Back After 15 Years


There is probably no other phone on the market that was as iconic as the Motorola Razr.

It was the ultimate statement and the phone everyone wanted. Motorola Razr was to teens in the 2000s what Supreme is to millennials these days. Almost 15 years after the original, the Razr is back for the newer gen to tech junkies.

Despite whatever new phone Apple and Samsung has thrown at its consumers, the hype around the Motorola Razr has never really died down. And with the revamped Razr releasing soon, the buzz around the phone has been hard to escape. 

Here’s the first look at the MotoRazr 2019:

Want an event more in-depth review? What this video from The Verge: