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The most affordable MacBook you can buy in 2020

The most affordable MacBook you can buy in 2020


Apple’s computers just never lose their appeal, despite the fact that there are other laptops out there capable of competing – and even beating – the MacBook in terms of performance. Whether it is their longevity, design, or simply the Apple branding, nearly everyone in 2020 wants to buy a MacBook.

The only kicker? The latest MacBooks tend to be pretty unaffordable for the average person, especially struggling students. Keeping this in mind, Apple is now offering a base-model MacBook for just $999 – still a hefty price tag for most.

A MacBook has never been cheaper. But is it worth all that hard-earned money?

The specs for this one seem unimpressive at first. It has a clock speed of 1.1GHz and a dual core 10th generation Core i3 processor. Side by side with the higher-end Air that has a better clock speed and a quad core i5 processor, this seems paltry in comparison. But this base model Air has other features that make up for its outdated system.

The storage has been bumped from 128GB to 256GB which is a big pro for this model. It offers Intel Iris graphics that users mostly tend to be satisfied with. It also has a backlit scissor-switch keyboard, a welcome change from the cumbersome butterfly keys that had zero travel and malfunctioned often. Other than that, you also have Touch ID – however no Touch bar, but that is a feature one can do without anyway.

The physical design and functionality of this laptop is another plus. It is super lightweight, has a unique sleekness, an improved keyboard, comes in different colours, and has an adequate display. However, users have taken slight issue with the display’s brightness, which on its maximum setting fails to match the Pro.

The base model MacBook Air is the perfect laptop for you if you are a student who needs a laptop mainly for browsing, writing, and spreadsheet work. It also performs well while you multitask between apps such as Zoom, Chrome, Slack, etc.

But does it perform as well with heavier tasks – such as video editing, rendering, and exporting?

That would be a resounding no. Users of this laptop strongly suggest upgrading to a quad core i5 processor if you want to carry out more intense tasks on a MacBook. While the Air may be able to tackle such tasks in the beginning, it tends to slow down considerably and begins to heat up. If you need lots of power and speed, either a higher-end Air or a MacBook Pro is the better choice for you.

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