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Inside the head of a pig who is constantly haram shamed

Inside the head of a pig who is constantly haram shamed


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be constantly called haram?

Swineryy’s foul-mouthed bubblegum pink coloured pig, who doesn’t really have a name, sheds ample light on how difficult it is to cope with constant haram shaming.

He’s cute and pink, but otherwise pretty vile, albeit still lovable in an odd way. His only fault is that he eats his own sh*t, and his plea is that this fact shouldn’t give anyone the right to call him haram. After all, there’s only so much a pig can take.

He just wants to know why he is haram!!! WHY?

The video below was the first one uploaded on The Swineryy’s instagram page which has gone viral for its plethora of animated characters.

If you look beyond his haramness, there’s so much more to this pig. So what’s the low down on Swinerry’s pig?

There’s no doubt that he’s a desi pig. If he’d been from the States ‘itna existential crisis na ho raha hota’. And there’s so much about him that screams desi. He’s married, horny and cheating on his wife.

He’s as desi as desi can get

He also happens to be a foul mouthed pig who has a daughter

He thinks Peppa Pig’s mom is a pilf (the pig community milf equivalent) and he’s on tinder looking for dates. His tinder bio too is the desiest thing ever. He’s an electrical engineer who makes load shedding jokes with innuendos. Perfect dating material.

He’s the pig community’s Atif Aslam and also not a stripper

He’s got some good vocal chords. Like the falsetto is perfect. If he hadn’t been an electrical engineer, he could’ve been a pig rockstar.

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can’t touch this

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But let’s make one thing clear. He’s fed up with the bacon strip rumours. He’s not a stripper. It was okay with all the haram shaming, but a stripper too! He draws the line at being associated with sex work.

Being haram has its perks

Though its still a valid question as to why he’s haram, he’s come to terms with it. And it’s got it’s perks. At least he’s not getting slaughtered every year for Eid and people aren’t cutting him up and making dishes like pork nihari.

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Barpigque 🍖

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He’s the real MVP

There might be many more character’s on Swineryy but the pig is the real deal. Never forget that it all started with him. Also, he won’t let you forget.

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don’t forget me

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