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The 7 worst burgers you can eat in Lahore

The 7 worst burgers you can eat in Lahore


Team PG reviewed some of the best and worst burgers you can order in Lahore. From pricey all-organic burgers at fancy eateries such as Amavi to affordable – but not so healthy – fast-food joints like Fri Chicks, Lahore has it all. 

Lately, burger joints have been popping up on every other street corner. Old established names such as KFC now have to compete with newer, more innovative burgers. While everyone’s entitled to their own preferences, you have to admit not every burger manages to offer that dreamy combination of mystery sauce, delectable bun, and meaty flavour in one perfect package. 

Here are 7 burgers that failed: 

Karizma Burger from Fri Chicks

An absurd moniker like this one is probably reason enough to never eat a burger here. With their lean prices and KFC-esque burgers, Fri Chicks almost succeeds at dominating the market for cheap minimum-fuss fast food chains – almost but not quite.

A burger meal at Fri Chicks costs Rs. 300: not a bad deal.

However, plenty of reviews have cited the unpredictability of this particular fast food joint. Their crispy chicken burger often has a patty that is dry at best and “rock-hard” and inedible at worst. But a strange controversy also surrounds this burger place; there are rumours surrounding how Fri Chicks is only a copycat chain of the authentic restaurant called Fri Chiks, without the ‘c’.

TenderGrill from Burger King

With perpetually soggy buns and sub-par value for money, Burger King just wasn’t able to achieve renowned status in Lahore. Its chicken burgers mostly start at Rs. 500, which is pretty steep considering they usually consist of bland-tasting patties, limp buns, and watery vegetables.

The Whopper has received especially terrible reviews, despite the fact that it is Burger King’s pride and joy with tag-lines such as ‘Home of the Whopper’ gracing their storefronts abroad.

Crispy Chicken Burger from Simply Sufi XPRS

This particular brand has been gaining some serious momentum lately. It even has unanimously positive reviews on Google. But with steep prices starting at Rs 370 for a chicken burger, it just cannot compete with all-around better – and only slightly more expensive – fast food chains who have been around for longer.

Simply Sufi’s burgers have the kind of homemade taste – not in a good way – that you just don’t want in a burger when you’re eating out. On delivery, the crispy chicken burger, currently only for Rs. 150 on Foodpanda, tends to be a disappointment. The patty doesn’t live up to the claim of ‘crispy’ at all, and the bun is often a soggy mess by the time the burger reaches you. 

Moreover, while their food is cheaper than McDonalds and KFC, the prices are still steeper than those of Fri Chicks and Chicken Max (both of which taste better). 

Zingeratha from KFC

While this one isn’t exactly a burger in the conventional sense, we felt the Zingeratha should make it onto the list on principle of it being one of KFC’s most controversial products.

The price – only 270 – is extremely reasonable especially as compared to that of the famous Zinger.

While some have praised the combination of mint and sweet chutney with the crispy paratha, it mostly tends to be a hit and miss. The quantity and quality of the chutneys varies between too sweet or too sour and the paratha at times tastes stiff and cardboard-like. A lot of people have also taken issue with the very idea of a Zingeratha, claiming that onions, Zinger patties, and parathas just don’t – and shouldn’t – go together.

Original GMC from OPTP

The burgers here are reportedly one of the most unappetizing ones to be found in Lahore.

For 290, you get OPTP’s signature GMC burger: crispy chicken and garlic mayo. But the chicken is described as tasteless, the seasoning not up to par, and the bun far from fresh. Their Jalepeno burger is pricier and not much better.

Moreover, one customer who tried the OPTP fish burger described it as “soggy and oily”.

Cheetos Burger from Melt

Melt in Lahore recently gained popularity for offering the unique combination of Cheetos with burgers. The burger may look appealing but expectations fall short when you bite into chicken coated with Cheetos and red chilli pepper.

The spice possesses the capability to make your mouth burn, and it can even leave you with an unsettled stomach for days.

Cheeseburger from McDonalds

McDonalds may be a household name but over the years, it has definitely stopped making an effort to live up to the hype. With their burger meals costing up to Rs 600, one has to wonder what exactly McDonalds is offering to justify that sort of figure.

The answer? Not much at all. Their signature cheeseburger that was once a favourite on the menu has lately been disappointing loyal patrons: it has a look and taste resembling that of a slapdash concoction of thin plasticky meat, one or two sad pickles, and a bun dried out to the max. The classic yellow cheese slice would have been a saving grace, except for the fact that it tends to be more of a negligible smear on the patty than a proper slice.

These 7 burger joints may make the cut if you’re looking for somewhat clean, average eating but they are far from the top-class experience one can get at local eateries that are using carefully sourced, all-natural ingredients in their burgers. Fast-food joints definitely have a special sort of appeal – affordability in particular – that fancy eateries cannot compete with, but they need to try harder not to get sucked into the black hole of drab, slapdash service such chains usually become a victim of.

The information and reviews provided in this article are a mix of opinions taken from PG team members, Foodies ‘R Us, and the writer’s own views.

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