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Tapping into Pakistan’s healthcare system; Facts and figures

Tapping into Pakistan’s healthcare system; Facts and figures


Seeing as Pakistan has already crossed 1000 confirmed cases and has 7 deaths confirmed by the time this article was written, the most pressing question at this moment is: Is Pakistan’s healthcare system ready for the influx of patients?

In a recent research report written by Geo News, the media outlet broke down the figures of the current healthcare system of Pakistan. However, the research only contains data relevant to public hospitals and is not inclusive of army hospitals along with private hospitals.

Number of Public Hospitals

There are a total of 1,279 government-run hospitals in the country, as per the Pakistan Bureau of Statistic’s 2018 report.

Islamabad has nine hospitals. The number has reduced from 12 in 2008, as the subject of health was devolved to the provinces that year.

Punjab has 388 hospitals, up from 306 in 2008.

Sindh has 473 hospitals, up from 330 in 2008.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has 277 hospitals, up from 202 in 2008.

Balochistan has 132 hospitals, up from 98 in 2008.

In addition, there are 5,527 Basic Health Units, 686 Rural Health Center and 5,671 dispensaries.

Hospital beds

Pakistan has a total of 132,227 inpatient and critical hospital beds.

Islamabad: 2,571

Punjab: 60,191

Sindh: 39,564

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: – 22,154

Balochistan: 7,747

Medical Staff

In total there are 220,829 registered doctors in Pakistan, both at private and public hospitals, as per the ministry of finance’s economic survey 2018-2019.

Dentists: 22,595

Nurses: 108,474

That means there is one doctor for 963 persons and one hospital bed for 1,608 persons.

Health Spending

According to the ministry of finance’s economic survey, Pakistan’s “spending on health has been less than 1% of GDP since decades.”

Punjab in its 2019-2020 budget increase the health budget in the province by 20% in comparison to the previous year, allocating a sum of Rs279bn

Sindh in the same financial year increased its budget by 19% to Rs.114.4 billion.


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