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Suspects Acquitted In Sahiwal Family Shooting

Suspects Acquitted In Sahiwal Family Shooting


The police force charged with the murder of a family in Sahiwal has been cleared of all charges by a special anti-terrorism court

In January, a family of five had been travelling in a car with their neighbour behind the steering wheel, when the Counter Terrorism Department personnel pulled them over and opened fire on the passengers, suspecting them to be terrorists. Only two out of the three children survived the attack.

On Tuesday, all suspects were acquitted after their lawyers conducted cross-questioning of the testimonies of government witnesses. During the case’s hearings, the court recorded the statements of 49 witnesses, including close relatives of the deceased. The suspects were also present throughout.

The surviving children did not identify the suspects, nor were they identified during photogrammic tests. The suspects had said they had information linking the deceased neighbour, Zeeshan, to a terrorist outfit. They also claimed that the victims had been killed in an ‘encounter’, which was proven false by two minor children who testified against them.

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