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22 Christmas gifts you can order online to support local businesses

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22 Christmas gifts you can order online to support local businesses


With Christmas approaching, it can be quite stressful to think of different gift ideas for friends and family. The thought truly does count when giving someone a present but it’s also great if the person receiving the gift actually likes it, and/or needs it. Here’s a perfectly categorised list of items for every type of friend or family member you could possibly need a gift for so you can skip the thinking process and get straight to the shopping part.

The one who is always cold

If you know someone who is not fond of the cold one bit and loves layering up excessively in winter, you could always get them trendy winter wear so they’re warm but don’t have to compromise their style.


Huge over-sized sweaters like this one can keep them cozy and have them look good simultaneously.

This Gul Ahmed off-white cotton sweater retails for Rs. 2,730.
This SPLASH relaxed fit textured sweater is available at 50% off for only Rs. 3,210.
Get this Grey-black sweater for Rs. 2,997 at Gul Ahmed
This MANGO Organic Cotton Flecked Sweater is available for Rs. 5,990

Beanies and hats

Who doesn’t love a cute beanie? They keep our heads warm and make us all look super cute.

Buy this knitted braided hat at MANGO for Rs. 3.990.

Here are some unisex options you can choose from.

This ‘Astronaut Surf BEANIE CAP‘ is available for Rs. 599.
Geet this ‘ Space Pattern BEANIE CAP‘ also for only Rs. 599.

These lovely winter hats will be a great addition to anyone’s winter attire. You can get these from @thecuckooshop on Instagram for Rs. 1,450.

These are some Christmas-themed alternatives you can choose from.

This one is available for Rs. 599.
Get this snow design beanie cap here for Rs. 599.


It’s important to keep their digits from freezing this winter too. Here are some really cute Christmas socks they’ll be sure to love.

These ‘snow’ much fun socks are available at The Funkydunky store for only Rs. 395.
This ‘Christmas LLama‘ piece retails for Rs. 395 too.

Check out our article on winter socks for more options.

The one who never leaves their bed:

Heated blanket

Make staying in the bed easier than it already is for them this winter with a heated blanket that you can get from daraz.pk.

This 220V electric blanket retails for Rs. 6,060


Help them walk around the house with the comfort and warmth of their bed by getting them these cute and cozy snuggies.

This Snuggie Blanket is available for Rs.3,325


What better gift to get someone who loves to sleep a lot than an ultimate sleeping attire. SlumberGram (@slumbergrampk) offers eye masks, room slippers, nighties and pajamas, everything you could possibly need when going to bed.

These white floral pajamas are available for Rs. 3,000.

These cozy room slippers retail for Rs. 1,780.

Check out these cute Llama eye masks.

The one who loves to accessorize:

Whether they usually just wear jewellery or sunglasses and handbags. Orb & Gravel (@orbandgravel) is the place to get the gift for them. They have a huge variety of things to choose from and you’ll be sure to find something you like from this store.

Get these cool shades for Rs. 850 only.

These gem ear cuffs retail for the price of Rs.950 each.

B&K (@bananandkale) has the best minimalistic jewellery and accessories. Head over right now to order something and you won’t regret it.

These gold bejewelled hand earrings are available for Rs. 900.

Get this necklace for only Rs. 650.

The one who is super active:


Activewear would make a great present for your athletic friends. Take a pick from one of these options.

This Balck Core tracksuit is available for Rs. 3,500 at Tooneyteez
You can buy this black double strip tracksuit for Rs. 3,500 too

This adorable pink tracksuit is available for only Rs. 3,000 at @mardazfashion on Instagram

Get these Printed Jog Pants with Elasticised Waistband and Pocket Detail by SPLASH for only Rs. 2,340
These ‘SPLASH” Printed Mid-Rise Knit Jog Pants with Drawstring Waistband are available for Rs. 7,490.

Fitness tracker

This fitness tracker bracelet/watch is essential for someone trying to keep track of their activity and would make an ideal present. You can get this for Rs. — at daraz.pk

You can buy this Xiaomi Mi Millet waterproof Bracelet for Rs. 7,412.

The one who works too hard :

If you know someone who prioritizes their work over everything and doesn’t take proper care of themselves. This is your chance to show them how much you care by getting them one of these things.

A body massager

Whether they’re walking around all day or working a desk job, it can get super exhausting and something like this can help them rid themselves of the stress.

This heated back massage pillow retails for Rs. 2,750 at daraz.pk

Just some extra essentials

Get them these adorable mason jars from The CuckooShop (@thecuckooshop) for under Rs. 1,500 so they always remember to keep themselves hydrated.

These Christmas themed scented candles will have their workspace smell fresh and Christmassy. You can buy these candles at Meem Candle Studio for only Rs. 1,250.

The one who is under the age of ten :

Plush toys

Miniso plush toys like this one here will make perfect gifts for a child or an adult who’s still a child at heart.

This cylindrical elk plush doll is available for only Rs. 950.

The one who loves to eat:

Baking supplies

You can get all kinds of baking supplies from Bakers Supplies. They have baking utensils, ingredients and ready-to-use mixes available. Use these supplies to bake your loved ones some brownies this Christmas or send them everything they could need to bake brownies for this entire winter season.

Martin Braun cookies mix for these cookies is available at Rs. 1,190

Sweets and candies

Lucky people living in Lahore and Karachi, you can order these Christmas themed cookies and cupcakes from Lal’s chocolates to fulfil your friends’ Christmas cravings.

A pack of six of these cookies retails for Rs. 600.

These ‘Assorted French Macarons’ (Box of 4) are available at Rs. 678 for nationwide delivery

Cheese platter

This healthy, nutritious and delicious food platter contains jam, grapes, cheese (of your choice and can also be replaced with humus and peta bread), dried apricot, mixed dry fruit, breadsticks, crackers, apple, orange and kiwi. It is available for Rs. 5,000 at The Olive Table (@showmetheroti) which is a home-based venture started by two best friends, Immemah and Saniya, in June of 2020. They take orders from all over Lahore!

The one who looks for sentimental value:

We have got you covered with the type of friend who is always looking for deeper meanings behind your gifts.


Star Maps Pakistan (@starmaps.pk) can create a map of the alignment of stars of any date and location you ask them to. These frames are available at Rs. 3,000 for A3 size and Rs. 2500 for A4 size.

Also, get this Moon necklace for Rs. 1,200.


@thoughtbox.pk is an account that makes beautifully handcrafted music and polaroid frames that will be sure to make someone smile.

Their personalised music frames retail for Rs. 950.

Get this mini-polaroid frame with 2 photos for Rs. 1,550 and the bigger polaroid frame for Rs. 2,500.

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