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Strictly Social a multipurpose social dining space is lighting up Lahore’s nightlife

Strictly Social a multipurpose social dining space is lighting up Lahore’s nightlife


Meet the Dynamic Duo – Asad and Hassan – Founder of a multipurpose social dining space,   Strictly Social. 

Asad Bokhari & Hassan Ali Kazalbash

Asad and his team partner Hassan have been friends for a long time, and when they saw that the social scene in Lahore left much to be desired for, they decided to change this and sprung to action to bring something new and unique to Lahore.

This is how Strictly Social was born.

Asad had been practicing Law for the last four years after his masters but always wanted to do something else Interestingly Asad worked as a bartender too in London. Meanwhile his partner Hassan worked as a chef in London for five years after completing his masters and so the food that will come out of strictly social will all be his creation.

Asad shared the thought process behind the concept of Strictly Social with Propergaanda.

“The concept behind our venture is to bring something new to Lahore and make the city more happening. With Strictly Social we aim to light up Lahore’s nightlife and bring something to this city that a lot of people have to go abroad to experience. The live music, stand-up comedy, karaoke etc. is just a start.”

Interestingly enough, according to Asad, Strictly Social will be deemed as a pub/bar based place where they will also serve food. “Whatever we will be serving would be easy to eat and will have a buzz to it. Same with the drinks also. Lahore is really dead in this scene and we will be introducing some shakes and mocktails that will rock this city up,” explains Asad.

Also, it’s very important for the team that they promote the vast talent we have in this country and bring them to a platform where they can showcase their talent. “There is so much potential in the people of this country but there are not enough avenues where they can let their talent flow, and as our tagline says ‘Let the Good Times Flow’, so this is very important to us that we bring the talent forward. However, the biggest problem we face in bringing talent forward is that people do not buy tickets. Everyone wants free stuff.”

Asad and his business partner Hassan have been friends for a long period of time and they have always thought that there is nothing to do in Lahore, so decided to change this and want to bring something new to Lahore.

“Strictly Social is our passion project and we both are putting everything into this. Hopefully people will like it too.”

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