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South Park Creators Diss China After Being Banned

South Park Creators Diss China After Being Banned


The adult-themed animated series South Park has been banned in China for airing an episode that mocked China’s censorship laws and how huge US companies are ‘pandering’ everything to them

The American TV show is well known for its satirical take on pop culture, politics, and other controversial topics of interest, something that people actually like, as is evident from the total of 23 seasons that it has.

Their most recent episode called “Band In China” tells the story of a rock band trying to make it big in China, but are unable to meet the stiff standards of the Chinese government; they then decide that they would rather not be controlled by Chinese officials and give up.

The subplot features one of the protagonists’ father travelling to China to expand his marijuana business, which is illegal in China and therefore he is jailed. There he meets Winnie the Pooh, who was imprisoned for looking like China’s General Secretary- this is, no doubt, a jab at General Secretary
Xi Jinping, who was memed by the internet for resembling Winnie the Pooh, which resulted in the fluffy toy being banned from China.

After receiving notice of the ban, South Park creators issued this sarcastic apology in true South Park fashion, however the tweet has since been deleted.

They apologized for the series of offences against China and assured the internet that they appreciated all their Chinese fans and supporters, and did not have any personal issue with China, thus ending the debacle.

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