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“So Long, Goodbye” sets the stage for Danny Zee’s Blue Butterfly

“So Long, Goodbye” sets the stage for Danny Zee’s Blue Butterfly


Daniyal Zafar dropped So Long, Goodbye this week and it seems like he has tickled the tastebuds of the millennial audiences.

The song speaks of letting go of desire for those you love. Danny Zee has always been inclined to producing music about relationships and the parting of two lovers. And perhaps we all know what it is to wave goodbye at a lover, knowing that we will never see them again.

We know what the silence before that goodbye is like, how it suffocates anything you want to say but can’t.

Daniyal spoke about the creative process of this song and about how he isolated himself to squeeze art out of himself for the album altogether.

He said, “I just let out everything on paper about what I felt when I was betrayed. The track followed through. But what really got to me was the transitions in the track. Though I’ve said goodbye, we conveyed the girl’s perspective through the eastern qawwali, the words of which translate to, ‘don’t turn your back on me and leave, my love. I’ll always be searching for and following your path. Just so I can see you one more time’. It was exactly the way things happened, I said I’m out, done, and she didn’t want me to go. We ended it there because I ended up staying.”

Betrayal is sharp, it cuts through us with a passion. It teaches us about pain, and the way everything about it is continuous. It is said, pain is a journey in which the only distance is suffering.

Danny Zee’s song, “So Long, Goodbye” got much appreciation from Humayun Saeed as he gave him a huge shoutout during the success of Meray Pass Tum Ho, tweeting “wonderful fusion of qawwali and hip hop.”

And there is a lot to love about the song, the way Danny has played with the genres; there is a percussion before the qawwali unfurls and is then followed by a synth and a beat to carry it through to the end. The music video also shows friendship and how our comfort can sometimes rely on the people we live with. This song has really set the stage for his album, “Blue Butterfly” that comes out next month.

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