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5 local stores making limited sleepwear collections you can shop online

5 local stores making limited sleepwear collections you can shop online


You come home after a long day of continuous classes or meetings and the first thing you look forward to is your bed. Wouldn’t it be an absolute dream to slip into the softest, coziest jammies? To feel the fabric run against your tired legs as you slowly envelope yourself in comfort? Whether you’re working from home or running around campus, what makes a perfect home is a night suit that you can lounge in and feel content all night long. 

We did the work and here are 5 sleepwear brands made of summer linen for the Spring.

Cozy Sleepers

Cozy Sleepers (@cozy_sleepers) is a boutique brand that offers iconic designs in comfortable sleepwear. You’ll find a wide variety of jammies, ranging from breezy cotton blends to more luxe satin options. What’s more, their products won’t break the bank. Their sleepwear ranges from Rs. 1800-2500 depending on the style and material you’re looking for. Not only do they offer the moon in terms of comfort-wear, their Instagram page scrolls through seamlessly with chic designs and welcoming colours.

Cozy Sleepers’ set in “Beach Vibes”

Shop for Cozy Sleeper’s sets here

Sleepy Night Closet

Sleepy Night Closet (@sleepynightpk) is a cosy nook of a shop on Instagram offers high-quality sleepwear in all the colours of the rainbow, though their speciality seems to be rich jewel colours like emerald green, yellow topaz and red ruby. The store offers sleek camisole sets, satiny silk slips and silk jammies for the winter. They also sell light yet sturdy linen sets for the summer, too. It’s also affordable: you can snag a premium set for anywhere between Rs. 2000-2400!

Sleepy Night Closet Pink Set

Click here to shop their sets

Hanna Sleepwear

Hanna Sleepwear (@hanna_sleepwear) is another pop art inspired page that’s serving fresh looks in comfort-wear. They have matching three piece sets made of crisp linen that are perfect for hot summers, as well as snug winter marina for when it’s cold outside. Aside from season-appropriate attire, they have a wide range of camis, velvet pyjama sets and silk cotton blends. Their biggest attraction are the Andy Warhol-esque patterns; they have bold leaf prints, vibrant motifs and electric colours that’ll hit the spot. You might have to save a bit to get this premium sleepwear though. Their jammies range from Rs. 2800-5000 but they’re totally worth it.

Hanna Sleepwear’s night set in “Vibrant”

Click here to browse their sleepwear

Sleep Dove Official

Two things stand out when you scroll through Sleep Dove Official’s Instagram store. One, the wide array of vibrant floral prints and two, their endless customization options. You won’t have to settle for cut-and-copied jammies here because you can easily order a perfect, customized fit. They offer everything from pyjama sets in designs that range from classic to artistic. It depends on what you’re looking for. Luckily, their sets are easy on your pocket. Grab the perfect pair of cosy comfort-wear starting from Rs. 2150 and see where the night takes you!

Sleep Dove Official’s night set in “Glomming”

Shop “Glomming” here

Sleepy Head

Minimalistic and comfortable is what Sleep Head (@sleepyheadpk) is all about. Their Instagram feed, much like their sleep and lounge-wear, is instantly calming. If you’re the kind of person that enjoys no-nonsense shopping, you’ll love what they have to offer. You will find everything from premium cotton jammies to silk sets that fit like a second skin. And there are plenty of patterns to choose from. You can pick minimal with solid colors that never go wrong, or brighten it up with psychedelic patterns that’ll lift your mood. They charge a fixed price of Rs. 2990 for all their sets. 

Sleepy Head’s sleepwear in “Dusk”

Shop Sleepy Head’s range here

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