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Smart lockdown imposed on Nine district Central areas

Smart lockdown imposed on Nine district Central areas


The district Central administration on Wednesday imposed discrete ‘micro’ smart lockdowns in nine areas to curb the spread of third Covid-19 wave. 

Areas under smart lockdown: Areas placed under smart lockdown include, Sector 5-F and Sector 5-L in North Karachi, Blocks C, D, K of North Nazimabad and Blocks 12, 14 and 15 in Gulberg. 

Deputy commissioner Central issued the order to enforce the lockdowns in the streets of the houses with coronavirus-infected people in North Karachi, North Nazimabad and Gulberg for at least two weeks. 

Officials said it had become fundamental to ensure quarantine, contact tracing and testing to reduce the transmission and spread of Covid-19, besides mandatory mask wearing and social distancing interventions. 

Directives by NCOC: According to the order, movement of people residing in areas under the smart lockdown shall be strictly restricted and only grocery shops, convenience stores, bakeries and pharmacies shall be allowed to remain open during specific timings as per directives issued by the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC). 

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