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Sikh priest ‘sacrifices’ himself to show solidarity with Indian farmers

Sikh priest ‘sacrifices’ himself to show solidarity with Indian farmers


What happened:

A Sikh priest committed suicide at the Indian farmers’ protest, which is still ongoing against the Modi government’s new policies, at border between Delhi and Haryana state.

A suicide letter left behind by the priest, Baba Ram Singh, states that he shot himself to show solidarity with the farmers. Baba Ram Singh belongs to Haryana’s Karnal city, and according to reports from Indian news outlets he has millions of followers not just in India but around the world. Ostensibly, he took his own life to draw attention to towards the farmers’ plight.

In his suicide note, Baba Ram Singh criticised the Indian government for their dealings with the farmers, and expressed solidarity with the Indian farmers. “I feel the pain of farmers fighting to ensure their rights… I share their pain because the government is not doing justice to them. To inflict injustice is a sin, but it is also a sin to tolerate injustice,”, he stated in his note. “To support farmers, some have returned their awards to the government. I have decided to sacrifice myself.”, he added in the note.

Baba Ram Singh was rushed to the hospital in an injured state after he shot himself, however he still passed away.

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