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Shoaib Akhtar claims he was falsely accused of rape in 2005

Shoaib Akhtar claims he was falsely accused of rape in 2005


Retired Pakistani fast-bowler Shoaib Akhtar reveals that he was falsely accused of rape back in 2005. The cause of this was supposedly a teammate’s ‘misunderstanding’ with a girl on their tour of Australia.

Akhtar stated that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) ‘set the record straight’ since people thought he was involved in the allegations.
“I was accused of rape then. There was some other boy from the Pakistan team, who had a misunderstanding with a girl. Pakistan team management hid the boy’s doing,” he said.

“I asked the board to not reveal the boy’s name, just announce that Shoaib was not there. When that case happened, everyone suspected me,” he added.

After the media highlighted the case, the board informed the press about Shoaib’s lack of involvement. It clarified that the decision to recall him from the team did not have anything to do with the allegations, but rather was done in order to help him achieve fitness for the upcoming India tour.

Addressing the allegations, however, the Board stated that no internal inquiry was done. This was because no formal complaint had been lodged against a player in any authority, whether it was the police or female harassment center. As such, they had no legal basis to pursue an inquiry at the time.

The alleged incident happened in the Melbourne Hotel back in 2005, around the time of Boxing Day.

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