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Science Suggests Your Cat Thinks Of You As Their Parent

Science Suggests Your Cat Thinks Of You As Their Parent

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Cats get a bad rep when it comes to interspecies relations with humans, often perceived as enigmatic, and arrogant- however, a new study indicates they actually value and depend on relationships formed with their owners

In the study, researchers conducted an attachment test previously used on primates and dogs, aided by literature on human infant behaviour on attachments.

The test consisted of 70 kitten subjects, who were put in a room with their carer for two minutes, then abandoned for two minutes, before reuniting them once more.

The researchers recorded their observations over the kitten’s behaviour and placed them in different categories of attachment styles accordingly, such as secure, ambivalent, avoidant, and disorganized.

The final report showed 60% of the kittens had shown a secure attachment style, indicating relieved distress from being abandoned by their caregiver. Around 30% had displayed an insecure attachment style, which meant that the subjects had remained stressed even upon reunion and had exhibited excessive avoidance, contact, or a disorganized mix.

The study indicates that the two shares of attachment styles were also found in human infants, according to the literature referenced.

The study’s findings were confirmed after two months when the same test was carried out with the same subjects and produced the same result.

The study then concluded that cats’ social cognition needed to be given the same interest that was given to dogs, if we want to understand them better.

Perhaps with more research, it could turn out that a cat is man’s more subtle, less demanding best friend.

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