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Schools begin reopening after month long closure in Denmark

Schools begin reopening after month long closure in Denmark

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Schools in Denmark have started reopening, after a month-long closure over the novel coronavirus.  The Nordic country is the first in Europe to start opening up nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools after they were closed on 12 March in an effort to curb the Covid-19 epidemic.

However classes are only resuming in about half of Denmark’s municipalities and in about 35% Copenhagen’s institutions, as others have requested more time to adjust to health protocols still in place.  All are expected to reopen by 20 April. 

What safety measures will the schools be taking?

Schools are required to ensure that a distance of two metres is maintained between desks in classrooms and breaks must be organised for small groups. To adhere to guidelines, many schools favour outdoor classes, presenting a challenge for schools in urban areas. Middle and high school students, will continue remote classes and are only expected to return to classrooms on 10 May. 

Parents disagree

Some parents have opposed the reopening of schools, citing health concerns. A petition dubbed “My child is not a guinea pig” has garnered some 18,000 signatures. Henrik Wilhelmsen, principal of a school in the Norrebro district of Copenhagen said that they “expect quite a lot of children to be kept at home.” 

As of yesterday, Denmark had 6,691 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 299 deaths. 


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