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Save The Environment – Stop Giving Plastic Toys With Fast Food Kid Meals

Save The Environment – Stop Giving Plastic Toys With Fast Food Kid Meals

Zaynah Maroof

This is the name of the petition started by Caitlin and Ella McEwan, two sisters aged 7 and 9, calling on McDonald’s and Burger King to cease production of plastic toys with happy meals after learning about the environment at school.

The young girls from UK realised the adverse effect of plastic waste on wildlife and the ocean, and decided their temporary love for the little plastic figurines with their regular kiddy burgers were not worth the pollution they were also contributing to.

The petition got 509,551 signatures out of their goal for one million. And Burger King ended up noticing it.

In response, they’re removing plastic toys from the menu, as requested.

The chief executive of Burger King UK said,” We’re making a start. This is a step in the right direction. If it makes other competitors move their practices forward, that can only be a good thing.”
Burger King admitted that their decision was driven by the girls’ petition.

Although many believe petitions and marches account for nothing, Burger King will be saving an estimated 320 tonnes of waste annually.

The resolution will take effect from today, which also happens to mark the beginning of the Global Climate Week.

Climate Marches are taking place in more than 100 countries around the Globe today, September 20th.

In Pakistan, all major cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and more are going to be participating.

Join the Climate March in your respective cities this afternoon to raise awareness and fight for a better future for our children.
Every act of contribution counts.