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Chief Justice Confuses Pashtun March for a Traffic Jam

Chief Justice Confuses Pashtun March for a Traffic Jam


Last Saturday, the Chief Justice, while being chauffeured to the supreme court in his people’s mobile – a bullet proof Mercedes – was held up due to the road block caused by the Pashtun March. The people in the demonstration were chanting slogans for missing persons and ill-treatment of this significant yet disfranchised minority group.

After an hour, the road block was removed and the Chief Justice was able to reach his chambers.

A court clerk on basis of anonymity said the Chief Justice was set to pass his 100th suo moto today but he seems quite perturbed since his arrival. In an exclusive interview with ProperGaanda he stated, “Chief Justice Sahib is usually thrilled when he has to pass a sub moto notice, we are made to inform every channel and his social media manager but today he was not the same.”

The CJP after spending a whole hour in his private office, came out and told the media that today he had originally decided to pass a sou moto notice on another matter but after getting stuck for an hour on the road he is clear on where the real problem lies.

“We have been silent far too long, but no more. Silence will not pave the way for progress.” –  CJP remarked. The Chief Justice then told the press that he will be taking a sou motto against Traffic Warden of Lahore for not being able to control the traffic.

Some clerks of the court wondered how getting stuck in a traffic jam in Islamabad could lead to a suo motto action in Lahore. Some members of the press even asked Justice Saqib to help connect the dots to which the CJP said with his signature saviour of the people smile, “If the problem is like this in Islamabad then one can only imagine how the problem is in the land of Sharif’s.”

The press had a lot of other pressing questions aswell. One journalist asked the CJP why he isn’t taking sou motto notice against missing persons or what is being said in the Pashtun March about their ill treatment.

“There is no such thing as missing persons. In all this time, not a single complaint has been filed by a missing person – which makes me wonder if they even want to be found. That is their fundamental right, who am I to challenge that?” answered the CJP.

To the latter half of the question CJP Simply said:

“Some people would make a big deal out of traffic jams, sometimes when life gives you lemon you’re just suppose to make lemonade. Or pass a suo motto notice.”

After ending the press conference, the CJP headed for the GHQ to cut his cake celebrating the 100th suo motto notice.



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