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Saboor Aly will play a rape survivor in Hum TV’s Naqab Zan

Saboor Aly will play a rape survivor in Hum TV’s Naqab Zan


The first teaser for Saboor Aly’s upcoming drama, Naqab Zan is out and it seems like the actress will be playing the role of a sexual assault survivor.

The teaser shows Saboor running in a wedding dress and in the next frame, she seems to be in an isolated room. In the background, we hear a woman’s voice saying that she had warned that it is a bad omen for the bride to leave the house before her wedding.

In the next scene, someone grabs her and she lays unconscious on the floor as the soundtrack, ‘sunehri chaand ko kalak lagi hai’ plays. That’s an odd choice of a song; we need to stop seeing assault and rape survivors as tarnished individuals; the shame is the perpetrator’s alone. We’ll wait to watch the drama before we make any judgements though.

In a video released by Saboor on IGTV, she opens up about her character, playing the role of a rape survivor in which she states, “We need to teach them how to live, move forward, laugh and make them trust their lives again. We should tell them that they’re not rape victims, but rape survivors, fighters and they are not alone.”