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Report claims thousands of Mosques have been destroyed in Xinjiang, China

Report claims thousands of Mosques have been destroyed in Xinjiang, China


Chinese authorities have demolished thousands of mosques in  Xianjing, according to the report of the Australian think tank published on Friday. In just three years time period, thousands of mosques have been damaged or destroyed.

According to the extensive data collected by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, through satellite imagery and on-the-ground reporting, around sixteen thousand mosques had been destroyed or damaged. They also mapped the extensive continued construction of detention camps in the north-western region.

Most of the destruction had taken place in the last three years, where almost eight thousand mosques were destroyed. Mosques escaped the demolition had their domes and minarets removed, the report claimed. 

According to the research, fewer than fifteen hundred mosques had been left intact in the region—the lowest number of Mosques since the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s.

In contrast, none of the Christian Churches and Buddhist Temples had been damaged or demolished, according to the think tank. 

China insists that Xinjiang enjoys full religious freedom. 

Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, “there were about 24,000 Mosques in the region. Xinjiang’s total number of mosques is more than ten times the number in the US, and the average number of mosques per Muslim person is higher than in some Muslim countries,” Wang briefed a press conference. 

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