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Report: 60% businessmen feel the economy is deteriorating

Report: 60% businessmen feel the economy is deteriorating


A latest Gallup survey has found that the country’s sweeping 60 percent businessmen feel that things are heading in the wrong direction.

The Gallup conducted survey of 433 businessmen belonging to different parts of the country in which a sweeping majority has found that the country is not heading in the right direction. When business owners were asked, “Of the following issues, which issue would you say affects your business the most”? There were 49 percent respondents who stated that the deteriorating economy was affecting their business the most. There were 14 percent who said uncooperative government has the most significant impact, while 9 percent said it was the unavailability of trustworthy workers. Six percent stated it is the lack of funds, and 5 percent said law and order situation were the major issues impacting their business. Twelve percent respondents did not give any reply to this question.

Whats wrong with Pakistan’s economy?

Regressive policies, too much debt and a failure to collect tax have hampered Pakistan’s growth prospects and the situation isn’t getting better.