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Religious leader sells meth to students, claiming that it’s halal

Religious leader sells meth to students, claiming that it’s halal


A religious leader in Indonesia was arrested for selling methamphetamine to students, claiming it was halal or permissible under Islamic law.

Ahmad Marzuki, from Madura, Northeast Java, sold the substance to his pupils at an Islamic boarding school. He told them that the illegal drug would increase their drive to study and recite the Quran. Authorities began hunting for Marzuki, who is also an avid user of the drug, after learning of his actions. However, Marzuki managed to evade arrest for two months after police started looking for him. Despite being a fugitive, the religious leader still taught at other Islamic boarding schools in Surabaya and Mojokerto cities. Authorities finally captured Marzuki when he attended a funeral in Madura.

Pakistan has it’s fair share of ‘bad’ Mullahs too

Even though clerics are associated with piety and all things good, it’s always someone from their lot that does something morally questionable. Why is that? Aren’t these people supposed to be spreading peace? But instead, they take the extreme radical way and carry out their fundamentalist ideologies in the name of the religion they’re preaching.


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