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Relax Karachiites, You Don’t Have to Carry Your ‘Nikahnama’ Around Anymore!

Relax Karachiites, You Don’t Have to Carry Your ‘Nikahnama’ Around Anymore!


Something quite unexpected has surfaced in the capital of Sindh. A situation that has called into question the very sanity of our police personnel in Karachi. It is a state of affairs threatening to shake the status quo.

The Karachi Police chief has urged cops not to ask a man and a woman to furbish their ‘nikahnama‘ as proof of being husband and wife

Unbelievable isn’t it? That someone from the authorities has actually realized that it is not in any way, shape or form their business what the relationship is between an innocent man and woman just sitting in their car outside a juice stand to beat the heat that envelopes Karachi. Let’s be honest, we all know that one couple married or otherwise who have been harassed by police personnel with vilifying commentary, which they surprisingly deem to be their moral duty.

Correction: the incessant questioning of the marital status of the duo isn’t based on a moral imperative. Rather, they are pretty much interested in the monetary profit that they may incur by pressurizing the couple into furbishing a bribe. 

So there is no ‘moral threat’ the police are trying to curtail. The practice, in fact, fosters corruption, which honestly is far more harmful to the national fabric than any trivial outing a girl and a guy undertake alone.

No more, however, as in a notification issued yesterday, newly appointed Additional Inspector General of Police Amir Sheikh has strictly advised police not to harass people this way or strict action may be taken against the officer regarding whom the complaint is received. The notification letter according to Dawn was addressed to the Deputy Inspector Generals (DIG) South, West and East Zones Karachi, Javed Alam Odho, Khadim Hussain Rind and Amir Farooqui.

We have all laughed at our friends’ predicaments upon their run in’s with police this way, but it is actually a concrete problem that can rear an ugly head. 

Just last month, in India, an inter-faith duo was publically humiliated by the police in a viral video, which showed a constable reprimanding a Hindu girl for allegedly being in a relationship with a Muslim boy. This is the sort of vigilantism that unchecked authority can produce. And. this misplaced moral duty isn’t just relevant to India but is very much alive in Pakistan as well.

So, this notice is very much welcome as it saves a lot of people from undue harassment by the police, who frankly can utilize their time combating real crimes and social evils that impact us all en masse. 



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