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Ramadan violence continues against Palestinians, condemned by Pakistani FO

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Ramadan violence continues against Palestinians, condemned by Pakistani FO


Pakistan on Jerusalem: Pakistan condemned the alarming situation of the Ramadan violence against Muslims in the occupied Palestinian territories. According to a statement by the Pakistani Foreign Office, Pakistan is watching the developments in Palestine with serious concern. Concern was expressed on issues like harassment of people praying, arrests of innocents, and other illegal measures. The FO called on the international community to pay attention to these acts of violence by Israel and said that Pakistan fully supports the right of freedom and self determination of the Palestinian people.

A Palestinian being arrested by Israeli police

The violence: An upsurge of violence against the Palestinian people has been seen by the Israeli police since the start of Ramadan. It started with Israeli police trying to prevent the Palestinians from holding their usual Ramadan activities like the Taraweeh prayer and gathering around the Damascus gate. The situation has escalated quickly in the past two weeks, as violence in the city of Jerusalem has increased between arab and Israeli youth. The Gaza border also saw unrest after months of being relatively quiet as Palestenian militants fired rockets at Israel during the night. 

After the clashes, far-right Israelis took to occupied East Jerusalem and marched chanting slogans like ‘Death to Arabs’. More than a 100 Palestinians and 20 Israeli policemen were injured in the resultant clashes.

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