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Punjab Safe City Authority: Efficient Policing?

Punjab Safe City Authority: Efficient Policing?


With the inception of the dolphin squad and E-challans, it is clear that Punjab is looking to change the way the police has worked an is effectively trying to overturn the “Thaana Culture” as well. Another addition to these changes is the Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA)

The PSCA is divided into two sections: the Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control, and Communication Centre (PPIC3), which serves as the monitoring and dispatching centre, and the On-Field police officials (such as dolphin or the Punjab Police). What’s different about this system is the transparency it espouses to; the PSCA releases a monthly report of complaints filed, actions taken, cases of pre-emptive investigation due to security cameras and surveillance of protests and processions for security reasons. This transparency is something entirely unprecedented in how the police have worked for so long in Punjab.

The most recent monthly report released was for the month of September. The PSCA made 16,132 observations that led to FIRs in 75 cases and investigation of more than 1,710 suspicious individuals by PRU and Dolphin Squad and a thorough probe of 1,451 suspicious vehicles.

1,244 vehicles were intercepted for violating the number plate guidelines or not displaying registration number plates, and on-field units acted on such cases. In September, the OMC, employing the state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance operations through the geo-strategic grid of cameras within the metropolis, monitored more than 93 rallies and protest demonstrations, all the while ensuring security measures for them as well.

The 15 emergency helpline received 389,334 calls, out of which, 266,077 were considered hoaxes while approximately 39,871 calls were made with genuine concerns, on which, the Dispatch Control Center (DCC) generated cases for action.

As many as 22,870 calls were made to seek information, consultancy and traffic-related information.

PPIC3 served electronic data evidence acquisition requests initiated by Punjab police and other law enforcement agencies by releasing data pertaining to more than 224 heinous crime cases in addition to showing footage to the investigation officers in 708 instances.

PSCA extended its services in 1,376 cases pertaining to rescue and 1,915 cases pertaining to traffic queries and emergency calls. The PSCA Public Safety app contributed to the recovery of four missing persons, three stolen cars, 155 motorbikes and two auto-rickshaws through its Lost & Found Centre.

PSCA has initiated a crackdown in coordination with Punjab police and the city traffic police against illegal and non-custom paid vehicles as well.

It has also utilised its public address systems capable of two-way communication at around 250 locations across the city on important national days. The systems are tasked to manage traffic, conflicts and mobs in any developing situations. PSCA has requested the citizens to contact the 15 helpline in case of an emergency or to report an illegal activity.

In addition to this, PACS has released a mobile application that has an easy to use interface and a special feature to report crimes against women. It also features lost and found reports and traffic information.

The PSCA has also been using its social media presence to raise awareness about underage marriages. Stating punishments and how to report such incidents.

PSCA’s campaign against underage marriages. Source: PSCA social media

Statistics source: thenews.com.pk

Balach Khan

Balach Khan is the Urdu editor at ProperGaanda and writes articles about Politics, Entertainment and Social Issues. Twitter: @alreadytakenwas

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