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PTI extremely upset with BBC for ‘biased’ article


PTI extremely upset with BBC for ‘biased’ article


The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has strongly denounced what they term an “extremely biased” article from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The PTI’s upset stems from their view that the article only reports the narrative of the opposition parties, uncritically.

The article in question is titled “Pakistan opposition seeks end to Imran Khan’s ‘puppet’ rule“, and it discusses the rift between the government and the opposition. The article makes reference to the anti-government rallies by the opposition and it also discusses the rigging allegations of the 2018 election.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party lashed out at the BBC on twitter and questioned who at the BBC allowed such an article to be published. The PTI slammed the BBC stating that it had published an “extremely biased” article which “only shows the PDM’s narrative”.

The PTI also said “Quite shameful to see BBC becoming a tool for corrupt politicians who are seeking NRO.”. The PTI has also tweeted a series of rebuttals to the article with the hashtag #Shame_On_BBC.

The Prime Minister’s focal person on digital media also criticised the news report and called it a “non-factual article”, that he believes was written by a “biased journalist”.

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