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Politics of Anger: Why Gen Z is screaming?

Politics of Anger: Why Gen Z is screaming?


“When the house is on fire, you don’t tell someone to watch their tone as they yell for help”, said a young protester during Portland protest by Black Live Matter Movement.

These words resonate with almost every person who belongs to this specific demographic; The Gen Z. In just a few years we have witnessed enormous change in nearly every field of life. One phenomenon in particular remained the highlight of all; angry social movements. Gen Z is angry, anxious and frustrated by the world we handed them over. And for that they’re out on street marching and of course screaming too. 

Politics of Anger: Audre Lorde, an African American philosopher, explained the significance of anger in politics.  She believed that anger is the most rational emotion humans are capable of and if channelized efficiently, it can produce monumental results. Gen Z has utilised this anger through their movements and enthusiasm. 

But why: Here are few reason we believe that Gen Z is really pissed at previous generations

  • CLIMATE CHANGE: Climate change is an ultimate existential threat to the world right now. Scientists were alarming world leaders for decades to address this issue but our ancestors consistently ignored it. According to experts many young peers suffer from Climate Grief today which is a fear of dying earth. This sense of grief instigated frustration among us. 
  • LOST OF TRUST IN INSTITUTIONS: Usually institutions represent hope for the common person, a hope for change but in just a decade we saw a dramatic fall of institutions. Public and private sectors are distant more than ever. Politicians don’t represent us
  • OUTRAGEOUS ECONOMIC DISPARITY: The income inequality in 2020 is the highest ever. The Younger generation is relying more and more on loans from big banks. Financial stability is becoming a myth. 
  • INTERNALIZED VIOLENCE: Previous generations have installed violence in their lives through a series of actions. This violence can be seen in racist and misogynistic ideologies. Which again celebrated and advocated for centuries. 

Gen Z is done with it, all of it. These reasons are just the tip of the iceberg. The trauma these problems have created for Gen Z is unbearable. There’s so much to unpack in boomer’s action strategies but that’s not enough. This anger we see on Gen Z social media outlets is registration of their protest against the system which is clearly not designed for everyone.

We are not optimistic about the future which is not designed by us. We are tired and bored  of this flawed system. The world is on fire and we can be nice and polite about these crisis anymore. 

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